Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Tracking the path from unemployment to a new career in Information Technology


The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development reached out to Merit to help them track and report information related to course and program completion for dislocated workers served by Tennessee Urban League’s IT workforce training programs, as well as provide these individuals with access to relevant job opportunities.

Merit’s solution

Merit’s platform provides a means to track all program performance metrics, participant outcomes, and learning outcomes, currently not captured in the state’s performance-tracking system. Merit Opportunities also gives the state a direct method for placing job listings in front of qualified applicants with the hopes of getting trained individuals into better jobs.

Without Merit

Agencies and organizations often rely on legacy communication methods, such as random newsletters or generalized signage at events, that fail to connect with qualified candidates. The lack of a convenient and secure way for students and workers to carry and rapidly verify credentials leads to lost opportunities.

Possible Funding Sources

  • Federal and/or state grant(s)
  • Legislation such as WIOA or the American Rescue Plan
  • Direct contracts


The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Urban League uses Merit's digital platform in IT certification programs. Dislocated by COVID-19 from their primary careers, program participants are earning certifications in cyber security, IT development, or technical support. As they complete educational components, "merits" are issued to workers' digital resumes. Newly certified workers are connected with employers offering in-demand jobs. Merit data allows program performance metric tracking, including completed course results and job placement, none of which is currently captured by the state's performance monitoring system.

Supporting the full job procurement lifecycle–quickly & programmatically

Merit's verified identity ecosystem helps maintain complete, digital records of workers' apprenticeships, certifications, and occupational licenses, connecting them with training and job opportunities, as well as supportive services for which they qualify. With Merit, states can help people quickly return to work and advance robust economic recovery.

About Merit

Merit’s verified identity platform brings visibility, liquidity, and trust to people-data, giving organizations the clarity to make better-informed decisions, engage with individuals effectively, and pursue their mission efficiently. Merit works with trusted private, state, and municipal organizations to solve critical real-world problems in sectors such as workforce development, emergency services, licensing, education, and defense readiness.

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