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There Are So Many Reasons Merit is a Great Place to Work. Here Are Four More.

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Merit transforms large-scale government programs through our technology and expert teams. In practice, we tackle the seemingly impossible, like learning loss among American youth and growing climate concerns. Our agility empowers our partners to launch grant programs in months instead of years. When disasters strike, we swiftly support efficient response and recovery.

While our programs vary greatly, our consistent secret ingredient is our talented team. We're immensely thrilled Fortune recognizes this, awarding us FOUR Great Place to Work awards, as seen on our profile here.

Our Silicon Valley roots, medium-size, millennial talent, and tech focus contribute to our success. But above all, our people care deeply about making a difference for all Americans.

They bring specialized expertise in education, emergency services, defense, and workforce development. When a hurricane hits, they’re there. When grants need promoting in Kansas, they get creative with flyers on everything from library corkboards to 6,000 backpacks in Topeka.

They're also parents, veterans, hot sauce and motorcycle-obsessed - unique individuals who make Merit diverse and welcoming. We invite you to congratulate our deserving team; four cheers for Merit! 

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