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Verified Digital Identity

Coordinate people. Certify success.

Merit is a platform for verified digital identity – a global network that provides trust, insight, and efficiency for organizations and individuals.

Manage all achievements, licenses, records, and credentials

Connect seamlessly with existing systems

Safeguard data in a permission-based platform

Automate policy implementation for accelerated iteration

Provide qualification-based access and opportunities

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Verified digital credentials

How Merit works


How Merit Works for Organizations

Pre-verified, ready-to-use digital credentials are issued directly from trusted organizations. Once credentials are digitized, they can include timely policy updates, notifications of suspensions, and reminders for expiration dates and renewals.

How Merit Works for Verifiers

Individuals' qualifications can be easily shared for real-time verification. And because merits are dynamically checked on each scan, verifiers know that they are seeing the most up-to-date, accurate information.

How Merit Works for Recipients

Merit recipients get 24/7 access to their credentials and can easily share them to gain access to jobs, services, goods, opportunities and more.

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