Level the playing field.

Merit makes life’s achievements easily accessible, so everyone can qualify for relevant opportunities and shape their future.



Merit is the platform for everyone to access, track, and organize all of life's achievements.

Merit® gives individuals the confidence that their life's merits will help them gain new opportunities, and gives organizations a single, secure platform to simplify the management of their operations.

This allows entire industries and communities to trust a single platform to verify qualifications – versus relying on stand-alone systems, paper certificates, analog ledgers, and plastic identification cards.


One place for every achievement.


Merits are digital record that are always accessible.


Merits can be verified and trusted by organizations and applications.


Merits are automatically updated to match systems of record.


Merits shape a connected network of users and organizations.


Merits from hundreds of organizations live in our shared, standard system.

Data Driven

Merits carry rich data that can be analyzed digitally.


Merit’s Mission

Merit has the distinct mission of creating a verified identity ecosystem to allow entire industries to operate programmatically and reliably with trust, insight, and efficiency.


Turn vision into reality for your organization.

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“Electronic credentials will help cut red tape and modernize what is currently an antiquated system. The innovative use of technology by a state agency to streamline and enhance its services to Virginia's citizens, consumers, workers, and industry is one of the reasons why our Commonwealth is the best place for business.”
Ralph Northam
Governor of Virginia
“Our joint partnership between the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) and Merit will provide a consistent, efficient platform for licensed professionals across the Commonwealth to use their hard-earned credentials. In doing so, we’re empowering Virginia’s strong and competent workforce. Thanks to this collaboration, clients and employers can have full confidence in the DPOR-regulated workers they interact with.”
Mary Broz-Vaughan, Acting Director, Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Mary Broz-Vaughan
Director, Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
“This partnership is the beginnings of an infrastructure that will help ensure that people with the right skills find the right jobs. We have more than 83,000 contractors in Virginia who need licenses. This new system will make licensing easier for everyone involved, and will allow workers to spend less time navigating a complex paperwork process and more time focusing on the careers that they love.”
M. Craig Toalson
CEO, Home Builders Association of Virginia
“I can’t say enough about Merit. To replace cumbersome, paper-based credentialing systems with digital technology is vastly more efficient. As a Fire Chief, I am ultimately responsible for the accurate tracking of dozens and dozens of credentialing items for more than 225 personnel. Merit is designed to handle such tasks with ease. Additionally, Merit allows for personnel to view their own credentials on file – a great plus and time-saving feature for Human Resources staff. Merit is the forward-thinking platform for all types of credentialing.”
James Cunningham
James Cunningham
Fire Chief, North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District
“Merits like these have the power to legitimize the industry. These credentials validate training and demonstrate knowledge: mastery. These merits are a way to show that you do, in fact, have a certain amount of knowledge and credibility that you are in a position to demonstrate, that interested persons can confidently listen to you and learn from you… I believe it’s the next step for our sport.”
Jay Stokes
Former President, US Parachute Association
“Merit has taken the basic paper credential and gone way beyond merely digitizing it. They’ve developed a secure platform which will allow us to confidently retrieve credentials from organizations like the United States Parachute Association, enabling near-live tracking of credentials, such as the USPA Tandem Instructor Ratings. This will help protect our clients by ensuring their instructors and fun jumpers are qualified the very moment they’re manifested on the plane, rather than relying on a rating that may have been suspended or rescinded months prior.”
Franz Gerschwiler
CEO, Burble
“Having a platform that tries to make evident and public if it is of the interest of the indicated their achievements is of extreme value. Achievements from improvement courses to national and international records to results in championships or large events, everything that can in an official way value the individual. This platform, allows to enhance every member affiliated, every athlete in our group deserves its prominence.Therefore, I share this platform with all entities, because we need to enhance our affiliates and their achievements in different areas.”
Marina Kalousdia
Presidente, Confederação de Aerodesporto Brasileiro
“Since we have transitioned to online credentialing through Merit, we have set ourselves apart from other training companies in the industry. Our customers now receive their credentials much sooner after being trained and employers on the job can rest assured knowing they are looking at an authentic document. Our original database contained hundreds of students - the Merit team moved all of these records into an online format in just a few days. We could not be happier with their product and service.”
Aaron Dover
Aaron Dover
Training Coordinator, PMI Vertical Rescue Solutions
“Merit has been vital to us in providing verified credentials to our members from day one. The system is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy for the end-client to use in real-world situations. Merit is, without a doubt, the 21st-century solution to credentials of all types!”
Randy Connell
Director of Operations, US Indoor Skydiving
“We enlisted Merit to manage our multiple membership level digital membership cards at our country club. The Merit Team took personal pride in helping us define the scope and worked with us daily to launch the products throughout our membership. In all honesty, I have worked with hundreds of organizations and the customer service delivery from the team at Merit, was second to none. Delivering WOW in customer service was their daily acumen. They went far and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were satisfied and they continue to support us. They delivered level five in customer service and in the platform. Thank you, thank you, thank you Merit!”
fred layman
Fred Layman
Director of Operations, Club Windermere
“Merit allows us to efficiently award merits to our clients. They can use them as verification for their training and experiences.”
matt g
Matt Gerdes
CEO, Next Level