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Merit Earns Inc. Best in Business 2023 Recognition

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Continuing our momentum from last week, Merit has been named one of Inc.’s Best in Business for 2023! We are delighted to be a part of this distinguished list alongside the many other dynamic companies making a difference for their employees and the customers they serve.

To celebrate receiving this award, we decided to examine what it means to be the best in business while outlining our actions as a proud partner to government agencies. We also aim to spotlight companies on Inc.'s Best in Business 2023 list that share missions aligned with ours at Merit.

Let's start by exploring our methodology for being a successful business and partnering with government agencies. 

Merit’s Blueprint for Business Success

Our COO, Jacob Orrin, touched on this framework in the recent Fast Company article, “Being an Excellent Partner to Government Agencies.”  Orrin explains that at Merit, true difference-making involves helping those who need it most in education, disaster response, workforce development, military licensing and portability, and more. We realize the integral role we play as a partner to government agencies and that any mistake made is more than just a loss of profit. For us, it means a child not getting the educational resources they deserve or impacting communities in the aftermath of disaster. In short, the stakes are high.

We view ourselves as more than a vendor. We’re a trusted partner to government entities. Our methodology involves several principles. Our commitment to the cause is unwavering, recognizing our fundamental responsibility in actively serving society. We know that these matters mean assembling the right team and emphasizing hiring and recruiting creative, passionate, and inspired people and that stakes have real-world consequences. Another guiding principle is flexibility, a critical skill when partnering with state agencies, and how often large-scale programs can pivot. Finally, effective communication, early identification of problems, and remaining agile in responding to challenges are critical for lasting partnerships with government agencies. 

These principles guide us daily at Merit, and our service-over-self-interest approach has contributed to our Inc. Best in Business award. In the same regard, we can’t help but mention the other companies by our side making meaningful strides for society.

TISTA Science & Technology - Empowering Military Veterans

As we serve federal, state, and local governments, so does another Inc. Best in Business 2023 company— TISTA Science & Technology. The IT company provides various IT services, including consulting, cybersecurity, data science, infrastructure, and mobility support for health, defense, and civilian sectors. Besides that similarity, TISTA supports and empowers veterans, military, and military spouses through employment. 

The president and founder of TISTA Science & Technology, Ahmedur Ali, is a Navy Veteran who sincerely acknowledges the debt of gratitude owed to the brave members of society. At Merit, we passionately support military reciprocity across all states. We achieve this by offering technology that facilitates military spouses' swift return to work, ensuring a seamless transition of their licenses and credentials when relocating across state lines. Moreover, many of our team members at Merit are veterans. Much like TISTA, we are dedicated to hiring individuals who share a solid commitment to our cause, creating a workplace where the values of service and dedication resonate, and we’re honored to be on their side on the coveted Inc. list.

This brings us to another company that shares similar values on Inc. Best in Business 2023, Transfr.

Transfr - Dynamically Navigating Workforce Development

Transfr is a company that provides solutions to train people for well-paying careers available now in high-demand fields, enabling learners to find job security and upward mobility facilitated by immersive, hands-on VR training. Essentially, the company provides a new immersive approach to workforce development, one in which students explore career possibilities, learn a career that can include dual enrollment credits, train in that area of expertise, and then enter well-paying work in high-growth industries with the knowledge they need from day one.

The job labor market is changing, and everything we want to do requires workers we don’t have.  Transfr’s approach to VR training promotes positive employment outcomes and supports learners in 58% of counties below the poverty line. The progressive method allows learners to engage in hands-on simulations that equip them with essential skills to enter a new career, gain valuable experience, and make mistakes in a safe space.

Likewise, at Merit, we believe that addressing gaps in connecting learners and job seekers to meaningful career opportunities is crucial for enhancing workforce development. Our technology allows job seekers and workforce agencies to share digital credentials, certifications, licenses, and memberships through a digital wallet. This method will enable recipients to share their credentials with potential employers for fast, contactless verification. Workforce agencies also gain clear visibility into the effectiveness of training and reskilling programs. 

Delivering Continued Success in 2024

Seeing what we accomplished in 2023 as a partner to government agencies across programs impacting education, emergency management, workforce development, and licensing portability for military spouses is incredible. Our inclusion in the Best in Business Inc. 2023 list is directly tied to our methodology of committing to our partners, assembling the right team, remaining agile, and more. We are honored to stand alongside numerous esteemed companies, including those with missions similar to ours, such as TISTA and Transfr. In 2024, we remain dedicated to supporting all our partners and ensuring their success.

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