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New Merit Platform Opens Door For The Next Wave Of Digital Transformation In Government

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Interconnected Digital Identity Ecosystems Will Simplify Everyday Life By Improving Data Usage And Integrity While Protecting Individual Data

SUNNYVALE, Ca., June 27, 2024 – Merit, the leader in digitizing trust, announced the launch of its new groundbreaking digital credentialing platform. This flexible, permission-driven graph management system employs unique design principles to create secure but functional digital identity ecosystems. The platform's innovative permissioning technology solves long-standing challenges in verifying personal data, acting as the linchpin to secure and verify digital identities.

"The way personal credentials are managed today is antiquated and incredibly burdensome on individuals, government agencies, and private organizations," said Merit CEO Tomer Kagan. "Our new platform establishes digital identity ecosystems where data flows freely yet remains highly secure, breaking down longstanding barriers across agencies and industries. This is the missing link for the next wave of digital transformation in government."

To understand the vision behind this transformative platform, Merit has released a white paper detailing how interconnected digital identity ecosystems will fundamentally change how people interact with government. The company's approach digitizes trust in a way that simplifies everyday life while protecting privacy.

America's Identity Verification Bottleneck 

The government's processes for verifying identities and personal data remain stuck in the past, mired in paper documentation and manual checks. This creates immense costs and delays across the public and private sectors, even though digital transformation has revolutionized most other services.

As Kagan explains, "While you can get approved for a $50,000 car loan during a test drive, it takes 12 weeks to certify California's new electricians as that industry faces a labor shortage."

Twelve weeks is meaningful when it comes to families putting food on the table thanks to an analog approach that drains state workforces and budgets already under strain. Yet the sluggish process remains because verifying data like age, income, or credentials requires tedious manual lookups, phone calls, and even faxing documents in 2024. This creates frustrating bottlenecks like waiting in lines at the DMV—hassles that leading digital services have long bypassed.

A New Model for Digital Identity 

Merit's platform solves this long-standing challenge by creating direct digital connections between trusted personal data, in the form of digital credentials, and the entities requiring it. This allows seamless automation of verification workflows while giving individuals full transparency and control over their data.

Kagan added, "Digital identity is the key to unlocking more efficient, automated government services that meet modern expectations – saving time and resources while better protecting personal data."

The full white paper detailing Merit's powerful vision and approach is available for download here. Organizations can also register for Merit's upcoming webinar on July 31st to explore the concepts further here.

Read the original press release on BusinessWire here.

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