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Badging and Site Access

With Merit you easily and safely secure zones with verified identity, improve visibility of available resources, and speed deployment assignments. Digital receipts at check-in/out seamlessly create an auditable trail of times, locations, and associated reports.

  • Physical and virtual kiosks
  • Time-tracking and reporting
  • Pre-set eligibility criteria
  • Instant access revocation
  • Remote monitoring and geolocation
  • Asset location and status tracking
Site Access
Logistic Tracking

Time and Logistics Tracking

Merit transforms cost recovery efforts by eliminating time spent on paperwork, enabling real-time visibility, and expediting grant submissions and auditing with fully searchable logs. From a single platform, individuals, supervisors, and staff submit review, approve, and export forms for faster reimbursement.

  • Automated accountability
  • Highly configurable, mobile-friendly forms
  • Pull-down, pre-validated, and automatic field population
  • Secure data sharing across agencies
  • Verified data in auditable logs
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Easy integration to legacy systems

Shelter and Evacuee Processing

Our turnkey, shelter services enable you to manage shelter check-ins with efficiency and compassion, digitally collect information, track allergies, medical equipment, and dependents, and provide communications on additional benefits, reunification, and home reentry.

  • Configurable forms and waivers
  • Hospital-grade wristbands
  • Accommodation for special access and functional needs
  • Tied to verified identity
  • Time and logistics tracking
  • Audit trail for reporting and cost recovery
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliance
Evacuee Processing
team Management

Team and Volunteer Management

Volunteer and team check-in sites let you optimize your available resources and automatically track time for sourcing federal funding matches, ongoing accuracy of data, and high confidence for invoicing. Our verified credential network allows for fast deployment to put the right people at the right place.

  • Proven verified network portal to manage credentials
  • Search-enabled
  • Tracking of training requirements
  • Easily configurable intake forms for skills identification
  • Immediate access revocation
  • Staffing confirmation invoice matching

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