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Merit Powers Digital Check-Ins, Course Management, and Trainings Across Virginia

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This fall, Merit has had the opportunity to support three of Virginia’s premier professional organizations at various conferences and trainings: the Virginia Builders Summit and Expo, the Virginia ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture, the Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists' Fall Conference, and the 2019 VOWRA Conference and Trade Show. While these conferences drew professionals from different industries, there was one thing in common between all of the organizers we worked with and attendees we met: checking into the various sessions, classes, and trainings was a smooth process, thanks to the Merit Check-in app.


Merit Check-in is our free, easy-to-use app that helps automate the check-in process and drastically reduce the time needed to track participant hours. At events where dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of attendees need to quickly check into various sessions to prove attendance or clock required training hours, Merit replaces sign-in sheets with a simple digital check-in system. Not only does this give participants a digital, verifiable record of their activity, it saves event staff time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually entering data during and after these events.

“HBAV is constantly looking for new ways to improve our offerings to our members. This year at our inaugural Builders Summit & Expo, we took a chance on introducing a fully digital sign-in system. We weren’t sure how our participants would accept this new format. We were pleasantly surprised that after the quick setup at registration, our participants had a pleasant and easy experience using Merit to check in to various educational sessions throughout the day.” — Rhonda M. Tucker, Home Builders Association of Virginia

“The trickiest part of these trainings is making sure everyone gets credit for the sessions they attend, and there are a lot of inherent issues with paper sign-in sheets. They can get lost, they’re often illegible, plus just the time it takes for everyone to fill it out before the training starts can really add up. Merit Check-in takes all of these concerns off the table. It’s quick, reliable, and most of all, trusted by both my team and by the participants.” — Kevin Bayes, Executive Director of the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

“We were amazed by the speed and convenience of Merit Check-in. Switching to a new system can be difficult, but digitally checking people in with Merit was a breeze. In fact, many of our attendees had already received merits from other organizations, and that familiarity with the app made it even easier for people to adopt the new system.” — Jeff Miller, Executive Secretary of Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists

It was our privilege to support HBA Virginia, ASLA Virginia, VAPSS, and VOWRA at their events, and we’re looking forward to supporting AIA Virginia at Architecture Exchange East in a few weeks.

Ready to get started?

Organizations interested in learning more about Merit Check-in can read more here, or get started at https://checkinwithmerits.com/

If you have any questions, reach out to help@merits.com for assistance!

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