Delivering Better
Service to Those Who Serve

Streamlining professional licensing portability
for military spouses and veterans


military spouses move across state lines every year*


of military spouses hold a state-issued license for work*


of military spouses report issues with licensing


credentialed military spouses gave up their license after a move**

*Department of Defense data, 2021 
** Military Family Advisory Network, 2019

Simpler experiences for military families and licensing boards

Merit is partnering with state governments to build an efficient digital solution that solves the last mile of licensing reciprocity by making the transfer of license from one state to another safe, secure, and instantaneous.


One-stop shop

for military families’ professional license transfers


Expert assistance

including live telephone support and public outreach


No System Overhauls

fits with your licensing boards’ existing processes


Built-in reporting

for insights on the impact to military families

Military Families Deserve Better




" As the daughter of a Purple Heart recipient, I know the importance of knocking down the barriers that prevent military families from joining the workforce.."


- Laura Kelly, Governor, State of Kansas


Technology streamlines processes for cross-state license transfers

Merit digitizes licenses, maps licensing portability requirements between states, communicates these requirements to military spouses and veterans, and guides them through the process of getting their new license

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Spouses or veterans enroll on your reciprocity website or app.

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Identify reciprocity requirements

The app displays the steps and documentation required for transferring their license.

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License verification

Merit takes care of license verification, interfacing with the previous state’s licensing board.

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Provide required documentation

The license holder can upload any required documentation, such as military orders, discharge orders, or a marriage certificate.

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Progress monitoring

The app keeps track of current status as the license and documentation get verified.

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Digital licenses

As soon as reciprocity is granted, they receive a digital version of their new license through the app, which potential employers can instantly verify.

Benefits for States


Help military spouses and veterans get jobs months or weeks faster


Make your existing laws work for
military families

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Measure the impact on families
and communities

The ASPIRE Coalition

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Merit is a proud member of the growing Alliance for States Providing Interoperable Reciprocity (ASPIRE) coalition. Made up of organizations dedicated to supporting military families and the initiative’s success, the coalition is fighting for states’ adoption of a digital solution for military families with portable digital licenses and credentials that transfer states when they do.

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