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Merit's Meaningful Moments of 2022

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Everyone at Merit hopes you, your families, and your teams enjoyed a peaceful and happy Holiday Season and are enthusiastic about a productive 2023 ahead. 

It was our great privilege last year to partner with organizations and individuals like you who are dedicated to protecting, serving, rescuing, and building their communities. 

In this blog post, we're taking a minute to reflect on the biggest highlights of 2022; our partners' growth and accomplishments, as well as important Merit milestones.

We made the news


On January 4th, Government Technology named Merit one of its GovTech 100 companies for supporting state and local government agency efficiency and service. 

Merit was called "a highly valued startup to watch out for" on Tracxn's "HRTech startups 2022" curated list. Best Startup Magazine chose Jacob Orrin from among three million candidates as one of the 101 top COOs in the software space.

Our partners - going beyond "doing business"

"After a few weeks at Merit, I realized I wasn't just going to a job. I was helping improve challenging aspects of life for real people and their families in tangible, measurable ways."

- Kevin Farrell

Merit Senior Communications Manager

We're grateful to have worked alongside and supported our partners:

  • The Florida Division of Emergency Management rescued and helped communities in Florida recover from the historical "one-two" punches of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. 
  • Over half a million members of the National CERT Association volunteer to help their neighbors prepare for, survive, and recover from extreme weather events and disasters every year. This year we were able to repay a fraction of their service by tracking and documenting activities for their national conference.
  • The Ohio ACE Program directors, teachers, tutors, businesses, and parents enhanced student education and development during catastrophic learning loss. Merit won the Business Intelligence Group 2023 BIG Innovation Award in Education for our role in this successful program.
  • Qualified Education Service Providers of the Ohio ACE Program, like Paige Ross, who, after years of personal sacrifice, continue enriching vulnerable children as their businesses stabilize and expand.

Momentous Merit Milestones


Blue Star Families, the National Military Spouse Network, the Association of the United States Army, Women Veterans Interactive Foundation, Credential Engine, and Merit International, Inc. launched the ASPIRE coalition to advance military spouse license reciprocity.

Merit's Board of Directors welcomed an industry pioneer. Ron Bouganim, Founder and Managing Partner of the Govtech Fund, the first-ever venture capital fund dedicated to government technology startups, was appointed to the board of directors.

Successful $50M Series B Fundraising powers Merit's ability to scale trust, insight, and efficiency in new business lines and use cases. 

Is your New Year's Resolution to work for a company whose values align with yours?

Lauren D. Bonica, Merit Director of Emergency Services, loves to remind her team, "Let's not talk about it; let's BE about it!" 

We were honored to welcome equity experts Chauncia Willis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management, and Dr. Rodric Bowman, Director of Northeastern Operations at The Olson Group LTD, as our guests for a critical discussion surrounding Diversity and Inclusion in Whole Community Disaster Management.  

Relationship transparency and fairness are at the heart of Merit leadership-team ethics. In September, the company published its detailed "pay bands," being forthright about how it values work contributions.

The Merit leadership and People Ops team delighted employees by transforming the weekly company-wide meeting into an Advocacy Showcase ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Not only were employees invited to speak about non-profits and organizations meaningful to them, but a generous donation was also made to each organization by leadership. In an accurate representation of the diversity and values of Merit, employees nominated Washington DECA, The Trevor Project, Share Our Strength, Open Arms of Minnesota, Portland Animal Welfare, and many more. 

Be part of Merit's Meaningful Moments in 2023

After these inspiring stories, you may wonder if we are hiring and how to connect with our Talent Acquisition Team. 

While many IT companies cut staff in 2022, we hired 66 people and continue to grow. Start your journey to Merit here.

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