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The Best Custom Forms Tool to Add Verified Data in Workflows

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Activity Logs and Cost Recovery Efforts Already Being Transformed for Emergency Response Organizations

Today Merit is announcing its Verified Forms Engine (Merit VFE), the next evolution of the company’s custom forms tool. Merit VFE is built on top of the Merit platform and simplifies the process of gathering information from individuals by using data from verified digital credentials, or merits. 

Merit VFE seamlessly integrates with the entire Merit verified identity ecosystem, bringing new efficiencies to organizations by pre-populating form fields with verified data from individuals, including time-tracking receipts, licenses, or other records. For example:

  • Registration forms and waivers can capture personal information from credentials and background checks that can then be used to confirm access eligibility through the Merit Check-in app. 
  • License and credential renewal forms can be auto-populated with names, license numbers, and expiration dates for streamlined renewal processes.
  • Event registration and check-in processes can be shortened by bringing in data from membership or employment records, or other credentials. 

What this means:

  • Saves time - Verifying data can be a time-consuming task particularly when working with large databases, but Merit VFE, it takes off the need for manual data entry or verification. This streamlining not only saves time, reduces errors, and improves productivity but also enhances accounting practices, cash flow management, cost recovery method, and determining an indirect cost rate among many others.

  • Enhanced accuracy - This ease of integration minimizes disruption and ensures a higher level of accuracy and reliability in the information used such as in transaction records, revenue calculations, expense tracking, inventory management and more. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management - By incorporating verified data, organizations can ensure they meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards, and mitigate risks associated with inaccurate or unreliable information such as in profit calculations, income reporting, invoice management, and tracking an actual cost.

“Merit is a platform that unlocks the value of verified identity, and I can’t think of a better measure of that value than the time this app will save individuals and organizations due to accurate data and expedited processes,” said Merit COO Jacob Orrin. “Initial feedback from the emergency response community has been overwhelmingly positive, with partners already implementing digital, secure, and verified processes for submitting accurate daily activity logs, which contribute to faster cost recovery.” 

FEMA ICS 214 Activity Logs are required daily by many emergency responders, and they are traditionally completed manually on paper, physically handed to supervisors for review and approval, returned to correct errors, and collected to be transcribed and submitted for reimbursement. By setting up the 214 form and process with Merit VFE, responders and supervisors can complete, review, and submit their daily activity from any smartphone or computer, saving time, reducing errors, and accelerating reimbursement processes.  

“Merit did an outstanding job providing its personnel accountability services at the site of the Surfside condominium collapse, which helped ensure only verified, approved individuals were on-site and all hours worked were properly accounted for,” said Retired Police Sergeant Randy Rossman, who was tasked with FEMA documentation for cost recovery for the lead law enforcement entity responding to the Surfside condominium collapse. “An automated, electronic cost recovery system is desperately needed in this space where there are valid concerns of data veracity and time lost, and Merit has built a valuable tool and accompanying reporting suite.”  

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