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Merit Brings Seamless Data Sharing and Real Time Verification  to Snowflake’s Government & Education Data Cloud

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Partnership empowers governments to ingest data from numerous sources, improving operational efficiency and enabling better-informed decisions

San Francisco — June 6, 2023 — Merit International Inc., the government transformation company, today announced the launch of its emergency management, workforce development, education, licensing, and military family solutions as pre-built solutions for the Government & Education Data Cloud, launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. The launch of the Government & Education Data Cloud unites Snowflake’s data platform, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets to empower educational institutions and public sector agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to spend more time on what matters most: caring for citizens and students.

The Snowflake Government & Education Data Cloud makes it possible for government and education institutions to address industry challenges by enabling intra- and cross-agency data sharing and collaboration, establishing 360° views of their stakeholders, monitoring for fraud, waste, and abuse, and leveraging an industry-leading network of public sector partners.

“It is essential for state governments to have the best technology partners to help them modernize and achieve their objectives,” said Jeff Frazier, Global Head of Public Sector at Snowflake. “Having partners like Merit as part of our ecosystem allows Snowflake to help those governments leverage data to drive meaningful change in their communities.” 

Within the Government & Education Data Cloud, customers can access industry-specific solutions built by Snowflake’s ecosystem of public sector and education partners to leverage best practices, reduce time-to-value, and increase overall impact. 

Merit puts data to work to change lives by connecting siloed federal, state, and local government agencies, removing administrative barriers, easing staffing demands, and maximizing cost efficiencies while cutting waste and annoying red tape. The partnership with Snowflake builds upon Merit’s Data for Good approach by enabling agencies and educational institutions to better serve citizens and assist individuals in need.

“We’re excited to be a launch partner for Snowflake’s Government & Education Data Cloud and have the opportunity to give customers access to industry-specific solutions that will help them leverage best practices, reduce time-to-value, and increase overall impact on the people they serve,” said Jacob Orrin, COO and Co-Founder of Merit. “Merit is focused on accelerating the digital transformation of government programs while putting data to work to change lives.”

Merit’s integration into the Snowflake Government & Education Data Cloud makes it possible for government and educational institutions to easily ingest data from a variety of sources, improving lives while increasing operational efficiency and making better-informed decisions for constituents.  Merit transforms cumbersome, lengthy processes, making it possible to more easily connect students to education funding, ensure disaster victims receive life-saving assistance, enable military spouses to pursue careers on the move, and equip people with the tools and training needed to get back to work. 

Merit’s emergency management, workforce development,  education, licensing, and military family solutions offer the following benefits:

Seamless Data Sharing:  Enables cross-agency collaboration by verifying users, capturing data, sharing with consent, and producing exportable audit trails.

Real-Time Verification: Dynamic verification ensures individuals meet eligibility criteria in real-time to control scene access, disperse program benefits, validate credentials, and accurately report activities for audits, FEMA reimbursements, and better decision making. 

High Data Quality: Merit’s Event-Driven Architecture converts events into Snowflake’s relational tables to deliver data quickly, accurately, and securely. 

Secure & Compliant: Using a layered approach, the platform’s high performance data management and delivery offers high-level encryption with compliance, including SOC 2 and  HIPAA, to ensure sensitive data stays private and secure. 

Fast Implementation: The architectural flexibility, easy integrations that leverage existing systems, and Merits 24/7 service teams mean deployment in days while meeting unique requirements. 

Learn more about Snowflake’s Government & Education Data Cloud launch here and partner-tailored solutions for the industry here.

About Merit

Merit’s Software with a Service (SwaS) transforms large-scale government programs in weeks rather than years, contributing to a 95% customer satisfaction score. Our combined approach of technology and boots-on-the-ground support simplifies life-saving emergency response and recovery, initiatives to revitalize the workforce and connect people to quality jobs, and eligibility qualification for direct-to-beneficiary programs, including multi-million-dollar education grants in over 20 states. The Merit platform provides secure access and real-time verification for licenses, credentials, and eligibility status. A proud GovTech 100 company, Merit is venture-backed by firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, corporations including Experian, and family investors.  

To learn more, please visit Merits.com/platform.

This was originally shared as a press release on Business Wire.

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