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Merit Check-in: Less Paperwork, More Important Work.

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Picture this – you’re managing an activity that requires participant check-ins, credential validation, and perhaps even time tracking and reporting. The situation isn’t ideal when you consider the numerous check-in sheets, the time spent verifying participant credentials, and the countless hours that add up to the total participant time.

Today, technology alleviates these pain points through an easy-to-use and automated app, Merit Check-in. Instead of spending countless minutes tracking participant hours, the app’s automation does it for you, drastically reducing time spent. 


Let’s dive into critical features of Merit Check-in and how it can benefit user experience:

  • Activity Management & Tracking: Create an automated and trackable check-in/check-out process for each activity.

  • Qualification Manager: Set up one or more qualification requirements that participants must fulfill to check in.

  • Digital Form Creator: Create customized waivers and forms for members to sign for each activity.

What can Merit Check-in do for you?

Merit Check-in offers crucial benefits to organizations and the participants they serve. 

Organizations can: 

  • Slash the time and effort required for manual check-ins and time tracking.

  • Reduce the potential for data entry errors.

  • Capture all participant check-ins and contact details for better engagement in future communications.

While members can: 

  • Enjoy a faster check-in process. 

  • Receive Merits marking their achievements within each activity.

How to get started

Ready to get started? Follow the simple steps below!

  1. Link with Merit at https://checkinwithmerits.com/

  2. Create an activity representing your next event.

  3. Check in your members.


If you have any questions, reach out to help@merits.com for assistance.

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