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The link between state agencies, employers, workforce ecosystem partners, learners, workers and jobseekers

Merit Supports Your Workforce Goals

Verified Skills + Experiences

Issue merits - digital credentials - to capture learning, skills, degrees, licenses and more


Give learners agency over their careers with the ability to see where they're going


Connect individuals to learning and employment opportunities based on their unique qualifications


Partner with ease, thanks to a digital wallet that connects with other solutions  

Easy Access 

Showcase your merits wherever you are, via phone, tablet, computer, or even transfer them to paper

Merits for Workforce Development

Deliver Successful Workforce Programs

With Merit at your side every step of the way 

Digital Licensing

Rapidly integrate with state licensing boards to bridge data silos and legacy systems to equip licensees with portable and verifiable digital credentials. Reduce new license and renewal wait times from weeks to one day, with the added benefit of updating or revoking in real time. 



Apprenticeship Programs

Merit’s digital apprenticeship records platform is revolutionizing the way pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship program are managed.

Connecting siloed systems, including the option of RAPIDS integration, provides sponsors and apprentices a centralized hub to access all credentials, records, and completion certificates. Apprentices receive a digital wallet to easily share their experience and programs can track apprentice performance to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of programs.

Merit Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Skills-Based Hiring

Merit makes it easy to align dual credit, microcredentials, employer training and more to the skills they deliver — shoring up the talent pipeline from K-12 to training and education after high school, and on to a career.

Individuals are able to make the most of their professional experience and achievements with their sharable Learning and Employment Record (LER) in a digital wallet. Visual career pathways allow talent to see how they can get from where they are today to high-wage, high-demand jobs available in their community.

Skills-Based Training

Workforce Development Programs Work Better with Merit

See how Merit can connect the dots to support your next initiative

Workforce Development - Step 1

Merit works with the talent ecosystem in your state/region to define talent needs, and any related training and population parameters

Workforce Development - Step 2-1

An individual completes training, and receives a merit from a certifying organization

Workforce Development - Step 3-1

The individual now holds merits – digital certifications, licenses, etc. – securely in one place AND can see their progress in a chosen pathway

Workforce Development - Step 4-1

Merit works with agencies to develop reports and dashboards, giving them clear visibility into the effectiveness of training/reskilling programs

Workforce Development - Step 5-1

Individuals share merits with potential employers for fast, contactless verification – shortening the time from job offer, to verification, to start date

Workforce Development - Step 6-1

Individuals are matched with wraparound and supportive services, upskilling and reskilling, and in-demand jobs via Merit opportunities



 “Merit has provided an excellent platform for connecting students and employers. The mutual benefit of students being able to see jobs tailored to their individual credentials, along with having a way for providers to get their job opportunities directly into the hands of qualified individuals is truly enriching the lives of many people.”


Allison Washington

Associate VP of Community Outreach, Delta Health Alliance

Merit Makes it Happen

Partnering with workforce programs across the US

WD - Washington

A Learning and Employment Record (LER) ecosystem for Washington 

Cross-sector partners in Washington came together to create a statewide LER network of systems supporting job-seekers, local organizations, P-20 education partners, and the business community with a 70% statewide post-secondary attainment goal using LER’s.

WD - Delta Health Alliance

Creating a lasting community of in-demand talent in the Delta region

Merit partnered with Delta Health Alliance, who delivers several healthcare and education-focused training programs, digitizing degrees and certificates to help kickstart careers in high demand fields while keeping skilled talent in a rural region of Mississippi.


WD - Virginia DPOR

Rapid, secure digital licensing for Virginia professionals

Merit digitized professional and occupational licenses for Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), helping professionals get to work faster, and enabling DPOR  to quickly manage license updates.

WD - Tennessee Dept of Labor Workforce Dev

Simplifying the path from unemployment to a new career in IT

Merit supported the Tennessee Urban League’s IT workforce training programs, connecting newly certified workers with employers offering in-demand jobs,  so that Tennesseans returned to work in better jobs, faster.

WD - Mississippi

Mississippi digitizes career pathways for highschool students

By leveraging digital credentials, and connecting students with job exploration videos and career coaches Merit helped Mississippi’s GEER Grant recipients improve high school students’ career readiness.


Digital apprenticeship records shape the future of work in Iowa

Iowa Workforce Development and the Iowa Office of Apprenticeship partnered with Merit to offer innovative digital services and tools modernizing processes for Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs, while providing a digital wallet of records to apprentices.

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