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Diversity and Inclusion in Whole-Community Disaster Management

When disasters strike, they create tragedy for all people. However, in their aftermath, those with the fewest resources and least support suffer most. Emergencies may not create structural inequities, but in the absence of intentional planning, they have the most devastating, long-lasting impact on underserved populations, amplifying their divide from broader society.

The emergency response community has the opportunity to ensure that the diverse resource needs of each are integral to every phase of disaster management. Join Merit for an expert panel discussion with industry leaders and practitioners of whole-community equitable solutions as they think through modern approaches to challenges such as:

  • Whose voices need to be heard during preparedness and mitigation?
  • How can emergency managers respond with equity to the underserved?
  • Where does recovery disparity occur and what does it look like?
  • Which cost-recovery solutions help bring resources to high-needs neighborhoods?
  • What is sensitive, successful whole-community communication?


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