Virginia Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation (VA DPOR)

Rapid, secure digital licensing for Virginia's professionals


The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) is responsible for issuing and managing 114 license types across 40 professions. DPOR needed a modernized system to rapidly and securely serve hundreds of thousands of professionals. The agency wished to update licenses or take disciplinary action in a more timely manner.

Merit’s solution

DPOR upgraded its analog, siloed licensing system with Merit's digital, interconnected, secure process, fully supported by Merit’s Software with a Service offering that ensures partner success.

DPOR has issued over 200,000 licenses and delivers new credentials in one day instead of 2-3 weeks. Portable licenses can easily be verified, strengthening public trust.

Without Merit

Licensing agencies often use paper-based systems, hybrid technology, and manual processes. Patchwork approaches are time-consuming, error-prone, and cannot update or revoke credentials in real time. Budgets and procurement restrictions limit agencies.

New technology is costly and may take months to implement. Professionals may lose opportunities while waiting. Paper licenses can be lost, requiring lengthy replacement.


Merit rapidly integrated Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation legacy, siloed technology enabling the agency to issue over 200,000 verified digital credentials across 114 license types for 40 professions. The credentials are verifiable by regulators and customers. DPOR's digitized process reduces wait time from 2-3 weeks to one day. The Merit Opportunities feature can help professionals return to work or advance their careers through a curated list of classes, events, and jobs. The ecosystem maintains secure records of workers' licenses, including those from other states, promoting license reciprocity.

In response to the Governor's COVID-19 state of emergency, within 24 hours, Merit remotely updated more than 20,000 licenses set to expire, extending their validity until the state of emergency was lifted. Thousands of essential employees were able to continue to work without having to replace or renew their licenses. Without verified digital credentials, this would not have been possible.


Virginia is taking a bold step forward into the digital age. This new partnership has the potential to simplify everyday activities for both the hardworking businesses and individuals that make up Virginia’s economy.
-Director of Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation Mary Broz-Vaughan

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