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Emergency Management Conferences: Verified Identity Solutions

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Merit has deployed to many hazardous scenarios, so we were not about to let a National Weather Service falling iguana warning stop us from meeting new friends this year. 

We’ll be travelling to many national and regional industry conferences. Emergency managers and responders are especially challenged by disasters' increased pace and severity and we're looking forward to showing how Verified Identity solutions can help:

  • Recover maximum response-cost with digital time tracking and documentation
  • Secure disaster sites with access control and transparency
  • Manage personnel credentials and licensing all in one place

Sharing knowledge and best practices globally largely contributes to the improvement of emergency management because disasters can happen anywhere, anytime. National and international conference events facilitate preparation and response to disasters on a global scale. Emergency managers, disaster management workers and public safety professionals, and many other professionals have an opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate, and share knowledge. Attendees can enhance their skills, expand their knowledge base, strengthen emergency preparedness plans, and effectively handle public safety. These conferences provide invaluable resources for those in the emergency management community.

Let's meet

Reach out to our team at Emergency-Management@meritsmail.com and let us know which conference you're planning to attend this year so we can set aside time to meet and discuss your challenges. Or feel free to schedule a demo ahead of your trip.



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