Emergency Services

Verified identity mobilizes teams for disaster preparedness

Professional first responders and volunteers are critical to all phases of emergency management. But states can lose millions of dollars every year to disasters due to untracked response hours and underutilized personnel.

Merit in the field

Merit enables verified identity for workers and volunteers to support the mission areas and core capabilities of FEMA’s national disaster preparedness goals.


Peer-to-peer verification of credentials remotely or onsite at any staging area, emergency operations center, camp, or command post.

Emergency operations center

Connects agencies and sets the foundation for interstate reciprocity. Verified credentials ensure deployment to highest and best purpose.


Statewide admin view for leadership, with time-tracking reports and optimization of reimbursements and human coordination.

Moments of transformation

All disaster response work must be performed by credentialed labor, but staffing shortages and credentialing mismatches during emergencies resulting from unreliable, incomplete staffing information.

States rack up millions of dollars in lost reimbursements for each disaster because manual tracking methods frequently undertrack response hours.

Climate change has resulted in increased frequency, severity, and unpredictability of extreme weather events.

First responders and other emergency workers are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19, putting their health and lives at risk.


How Merit helps

Prevention and planning

Build response teams and verify credentials immediately and contactlessly at scale.

Human Coordination

Enable agencies to work together more efficiently in crisis with a single method for verification. Connect thousands of emergency partners for mutual aid and merged capability views.


A privacy-friendly, secure repository helps map and track all professional first responders and volunteers, and their skills, trainings, and availability.


Merit’s deployment team is on 24/7 standby for notice of activation in a disaster to go on-scene and ensure all hours get tracked.


Categorize and identify disaster response activity for faster federal reimbursement with real-time dashboards and custom reports.


Perform joint preliminary disaster assessments and identify mitigation opportunities.


Manage spontaneous volunteers with full digital credentialing, with editing, updating, expiring, and revoking capabilities. Quantify recovery costs and unmet needs through tracking service hours.

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Verified credentials

How Merit works

Merit helps Emergency Services deliver for our communities, supporting Disaster Response, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire Response, Unmet Needs & Volunteer Services, and Coordination with National Security.


Supporting disaster response

Team building

Speed up disaster activation through better volunteer skill set and availability tracking.

Time tracking

Hours tracking to maximize and expedite FEMA reimbursement.


Recipients have access to secure, portable credentials from trusted organizations in the app or the web.


Starts with most pressing local needs and addresses gaps with the private sector and other institutions.


Merit’s platform and deployment strategy can enable statewide adoption in months.


Works with any legacy system and existing technology, across different types of agencies within the state.


Work across state lines and collect certifications into a single repository, eliminating wait times.


Dashboard shows current hours logged and trend lines by county.

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Rapid Deployment Package

In addition to vertical-specific solutions, Merit can be quickly implemented to solve a range of challenges. Every solution and rapid deployment package offering also connects to our ecosystem, expanding the network effects for merit recipients.


Streamline emergency management with verified digital credentials for health care and emergency services, especially during COVID-19 and disaster response.

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