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About Merit

Merit lets everyone access, track, and organize their life’s achievements giving them the confidence, autonomy, and foresight to pursue their life’s goals. Merit enables organizations to securely issue and manage digital merits in order to better engage, serve, and grow their member community. Merit offers organizations and individuals a way to leverage a single secure platform to verify their personal and professional qualifications versus relying on analog siloed systems of paper certificates, ledgers, and plastic identification cards.


Every achievement all in one place.

Merit enables trusted organizations and applications to better deliver on the promise to engage and serve, establish more persistent relationships with, and protect the data of their members while collectively promoting and expanding their industry.

We allow people to continuously access, accurately track, and easily organize their merits all in one place so they can meet the qualified opportunities of verified organizations, creating a level playing field for everyone to participate.


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Trusted organizations

Merit ensures every organization is who they claim to be, giving members the confidence to share their identity.


Products that create additional functionality, workflows, and use-cases for merits; which grows the ecosystem and value for all members and organizations.

Better deliver on the promise to engage and serve

Organizations owe it to their members to provide the best access to their merits, the information they contain, and the opportunities they unlock.

Persistent relationships

The information contained in merits should always be up-to-date, accurate, and complete without the need for members to update it themselves.

Protect the data

Organizations should provide their members access to their data in a safe and secure way that meets the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Collectively promoting and expanding their industry

As more organizations in an industry use Merit, the whole industry prospers through data accuracy and interoperability.

Continuously access

All your life’s merits and relevant information should be readily available, easy to access, and simply shareable with any application or organization.

Accurately track

Merits should accurately reflect the knowledge an organization has about you. There should be no discrepancy between what you believe you have earned and what the issuing organization believes.

Easily organize

All merits should be easy to classify, organize, and understand.

All in one place

All of your merits should be accessible from a centralized location regardless of which organization issued it.


Merits open up doors to worlds of opportunities that keep expanding as more are earned and claimed. Merit strives to help members discover and pursue those opportunities.

Qualified opportunities

Opportunities that are specifically available to you because of your merits. This is one way that the value of merits is captured.


Let’s create a level playing field.

We're creating a society (because society values truth) where people are valued by their merits, gaining greater value in life from what they have accomplished – creating a level playing field for everyone to shape their future.

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