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About Merit

Merit lets everyone access, track, and organize their life’s achievements, giving them the confidence, autonomy, and foresight to pursue their life’s goals. We enable organizations to securely issue and manage digital merits, while giving individuals a way to verify their personal and professional qualifications.


Merit is the solution.

We create the tools for organizations to issue merits – a representation of a personal or professional accomplishment that can act as a qualification for future opportunities. These merits are the verified and unique components of someone’s identity. By digitally capturing merits and making them readily available and verifiable, the people who hold these merits can take advantage of relevant opportunities, achieve their own goals, and ultimately shape their future. 

Organizations can verify, track, and manage the qualifications of individuals, while protecting their data and creating more persistent relationships with those individuals. No more reliance on laminated cards, diplomas, emailed certificates, or print-outs.

Merit is taking disparate, unlinked paper-based systems from across sectors of the economy and connecting them digitally – and in the process giving everyone access to opportunity. 


Every achievement all in one place.

Merit enables trusted organizations and applications to better deliver on the promise to better engage and serve individuals. We help them establish more persistent relationships with, and protect the data of individuals, while collectively promoting and expanding their industry.

We allow people to continuously access, accurately track, and easily organize their merits all in one place, creating a level playing field for everyone to participate.

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Trusted Organizations

Merit ensures every organization is who they claim to be, giving individuals the confidence to share their information.


We're providing value for individuals and organizations with applications that create additional functionality, workflows, and use-cases for merits.

Engage and Serve

Organizations owe it to individuals to provide the best access to their merits, the information they contain, and the opportunities they unlock.

Persistent Relationships

The information contained in merits is always be up-to-date, accurate, and complete – without the need for people to update it themselves.

Secure Data

Organizations provide their members access to their data in a safe and secure way that meets the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Industry Promotion and Expansion

As more organizations in an industry use Merit, the whole industry prospers through data accuracy and interoperability.

Continuous Access

All merits are readily available, simple to access, and easy to share with any application or organization.

Accurate Tracking

Merits accurately reflect the knowledge an organization has about individuals.

One Destination

All merits are accessible from a centralized location, regardless of which organization issued it.

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