Powering states to put people to work.

Real-time and verified information on your workforce’s potential – now available on a secure, digital platform.


Connecting Employees to Opportunities

Workforce development programs are tasked with equipping workers with the tools they need to succeed – but without accurate information at their fingertips, connecting great employees with great opportunities becomes burdensome.


Unlock Your Workforce’s Potential

Merit helps states unlock their workforce’s potential by providing a single, secure platform to issue, track, and verify credentials earned and trainings completed. Digitizing credentials also allows states to connect individuals to job opportunities based on their verified credentials, and employers can hire the talent they need quickly and confidently.


“Merit is the only truly interoperable SaaS platform that takes a cross-sector, multi-industry approach to support state labor departments, workforce development programs, and economic development initiatives.”


State agencies providing training and skill development to new and existing workers use Merit to:

Access a secure, aggregated, real-time view of all trainings conducted across hundreds of training providers.

Track the progress of individuals post-training (employment status, promotions, salary increase as a result of the state investment).
Power apps and websites that connect workers to jobs based on their verified skills and training credentials.

Facilitate credential crosswalking between agencies.


Here’s How it Works

  1. Individuals are issued digital merits for completed classes, providing a verified, portable record of trainings.

  2. Training providers have a quick, automated, and reliable way to issue credentials, as well as easy, secure access to data for reporting needs.

  3. State workforce agencies receive detailed information on the training provider, trainees, and class content in real-time on Merit’s secure global dashboard, so they can track what they’re paying for and who has been trained.

  4. State agencies can follow the progress of individuals through workforce development programs, and use verified credentials to quickly match individuals to job opportunities.

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