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Connecting workforce communities together with technology for digital credentials and reporting

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Workforce development initiatives require tight collaboration between state agencies, private employers, education and training providers, and community-based organizations. Merit uses consistent digital credentialing to make these partnerships work for job seekers and workforce agencies alike.

Workforce - Government

Government & Workforce Systems

Merit gives states a consistent way to build and share job seekers’ credentials in concert with employers, educational institutions, training providers, and community-based organizations, while tracking progress and measuring program efficacy.

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Workforce - EmployersEmployers & the Workforce Community

With Merit, job seekers can easily identify career pathways, complete skills-based training and certifications, and find jobs using secure, shareable digital credentials. Employers can fill open positions faster and with confidence.

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Workforce - Military

Licensing Portability for Military Families

Mutual recognition of professional licenses for military families is the law in most states. Merit makes it much faster and simpler for military spouses and veterans to transfer their license from one state to another and get back to work.

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Workforce - PathwaysPathways to Reentry

A career readiness solution for corrections systems and partners, designed to help incarcerated individuals transition smoothly back into their communities.



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How it works

Consistent, Personalized Experiences for Job Seekers and Consistent, Objective Outcomes Measurement

Connecting Constituents

Merit works with states to connect constituents with supportive services and put them on the pathway to in-demand careers


Individual completes training, and certifying organization sends merit to the individual

Digital Credentials

Recipient holds merits – digital credentials, certifications, licenses, memberships – securely in one place

Career Opportunities

Merits connect job seekers to available career opportunities based on their credentials


Recipient shares merits with potential employers for fast, contactless verification

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Merit reports give workforce agencies clear visibility into training/reskilling programs’ effectiveness

Workforce Partnerships Work Better with Merit

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Break Down Silos

Present opportunities for training and employment to qualified talent by connecting data—program qualification criteria, educational credentials, training certificates, and job experience—that resides in multiple systems across the public and private sectors, educational institutions, and NGOs. 


Empower Front-line Staff and Talent

With all of their qualifications and learning stored in a single digital wallet, qualified talent can find opportunities faster and securely share credentials with employers. Front-line staff have the visibility they need to better serve both job seekers and employers and are actively involved in the rollout process. 

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Make Data-driven Decisions

Gain objective reporting on performance outcomes, not just “vanity metrics” like training sessions completed. Measure diverse programs in a consistent way to truly understand what is moving the needle for both employers and talent.