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Connecting the workforce ecosystem

Merit understands that workforce development initiatives require tight collaboration between states, employers, and partners in order to connect with the individuals possessing in-demand skills.

We are focused on connecting the dots and supporting the partnerships needed to have a successful and agile talent and workforce strategy. Our solution ensures warm handoffs and facilitates data-driven decision-making through shared information, fostering collaboration and efficiencies for the entire community.

Merit Workforce Ecosystem

Workforce Partnerships Work Better with Merit

Creating a better connected, easier to navigate, equitable education and workforce system


True Interoperability

Merit makes it easy to bridge data silos and legacy systems to unite fragmented data and facilitate collaboration within your unique community landscape to enable true pathways to employment. Our digital wallet can be utilized across various partners and platforms, so that individuals are able to make the most of their professional experience and achievements.

Warm Handoffs

Ensuring Warm Handoffs

Our solution ensures that no one is lost in the shuffle or at any critical transition point from K-12 to higher ed, education to employment or training to training. We believe in strengthening and ensuring a warm handoff happens with the verified data needed to ensure a smooth and meaningful path forward for every individual. 


Personalized Opportunities

Merit supports every community in engaging all talent, even those on the sidelines. Individuals are connected to custom, relevant opportunities for employment, education and training, support, services and events based on their unique experiences and qualifications, eliminating the need to tirelessly scroll job listings, attend busy job fairs or other traditional methods that are time consuming and potentially frustrating.  


Realtime Talent Visibility

Clearly understand what is moving the needle for both employers and talent by monitoring and measuring diverse programs in a consistent way with comprehensive program data, powerful analytics, and configurable dashboards. Stakeholders can connect the dots between education and employment to build talent pipelines, with the ability to plan for both short and long term talent needs.


Workforce Development

Enabling workforce communities to work together to give students and workers agency over their credentials, make career pathways visible to job seekers, build learning and employment (LER) records that evolve, and establish measurement systems for skills-based training.

Merit Workforce Development (1400 x 800 px)

Licensing Portability for Military Families

Mutual recognition of professional licenses for military families is the law in most states. Merit makes it much faster and simpler for military spouses and veterans to transfer their license from one state to another and get back to work.


Pathways to Reentry

A career readiness solution for corrections systems and partners, designed to help incarcerated individuals transition smoothly back into their communities after release in order to reduce recidivism.

Pathways to Reentry

Why Partner with Merit?

Easy and Effective

Highly configurable and scalable single platform easily connects multiple workforce community partners, integrating existing data and systems

Collaborative and Efficient

Connecting systems enables real time talent visibility, with the ability to plan for short and long term needs and make data-driven decisions

A Trusted Partner

Merit is committed to working in lockstep with our partners, growing or getting more focused, as goals and needs evolve

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