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Merit, Snowflake Team for Government Data-Sharing Tools

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Merit, a gov tech company from California, has integrated with the Snowflake Government and Education Data Cloud. The partnership could help officials leverage best practices and monitor fraud and abuse.


Merit International, a California-based government technology startup, says it has launched a data-sharing partnership with Snowflake that focuses on public agencies and education.

More specifically, Merit said it has integrated into the Snowflake Government and Education Data Cloud.

According to a statement from Merit, it now offers its “emergency management, workforce development, education, licensing and military family solutions as pre-built solutions” for the Snowflake cloud product.

That, in turn, will make it possible for governments and educational organizations to take in data from a variety of sources and, among other tasks, help connect disaster victims with assistance and students to funding.

“We’re excited to be a launch partner for Snowflake’s Government and Education Data Cloud and have the opportunity to give customers access to industry-specific solutions that will help them leverage best practices, reduce time-to-value and increase overall impact on the people they serve,” said Jacob Orrin, COO and co-founder of Merit, in the statement.

Merit said the Snowflake Government and Education Data Cloud can enable data sharing and collaboration while also looking out for waste and fraud.

Clients using the Snowflake cloud can access what the statement called “industry-specific solutions built by Snowflake’s ecosystem of public-sector and education partners.”

“It is essential for state governments to have the best technology partners to help them modernize and achieve their objectives,” said Jeff Frazier, global head of public sector at Snowflake, in the statement. “Having partners like Merit as part of our ecosystem allows Snowflake to help those governments leverage data to drive meaningful change in their communities.”

** Press story originally appeared on Govtech.com here. 


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