Empowering the Entire Education Community

Bridging the gaps between families and funding, schools and services, administrators and advocates

Ensuring Success for Every Stakeholder

Program administrators, families, and vendors receive expert guidance every step of the way

Families and Students

We make the process of supporting children's education simple.

Families can rely on:

  • Streamlined applications that can verify qualification through participation in other government programs
  • A secure digital wallet to easily manage each child's program funds 
  • Quick and easy purchases and reimbursements
  • Helpful customer support on hand to answer any questions
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Schools and Service Providers

We create an Education Marketplace of verified vendors who provide families with easy access to program-approved goods and services.

Marketplace participants enjoy:

  • New customers
  • Free advertising to thousands of families
  • Timely program-funded payments
Kansas KEEP Education Marketplace

Program Administrators

You can rely on us as a trusted and proven partner to provide the technology, security, service, and campaigns critical to successful program delivery. Live dashboards, keep your finger on the pulse of applicant status, review times, claim support, and other vital metrics.

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 “Ohio’s partnership with Merit to deliver excellent, friction-free services is a perfect example of what public-private partnerships can achieve when everyone is committed to the mission.


Colleen Grady

Senior Program Officer, Ohio Department of Education

Supporting the Nation’s Largest ESA Program

Ohio ACE Connects 75,000+ Students to Critical Education Funding in 18 months

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