MeritS for Emergencies

More Life Saving Work
Less Paperwork

Digitize tracking and reporting for faster, safer response and recovery


Hurricane Ian Case Study

Learn how we arrived onsite within 48 hours and immediately began issuing badges and tracking time and activities for hundreds of responders.

Better Serve Communities When They Need It Most

When disaster strikes, we put technology and teams in the field, helping first responders secure zones, manage shelters, track time and activities, streamline reporting, and process accurate data.

Improve safety

Improve Safety and Accountability


Securely Share Information Across Agencies


Recover More FEMA Reimbursements Faster

eal-time accurate data

Make Decisions Based on Real-Time, Accurate Data

Supporting Every Phase of the Emergency Management Lifecycle

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    Your organization issues digital credentials to capture responder qualifications and simplify disaster site badging and access
  2. 2


    Our dedicated Tech Incident Management Team (IMT) offers boots-on-the-ground support, partnering with incident command
  3. 3


    Simplify shift, activity, and meal tracking for responders and shelters with digital badging and check-in
  4. 4


    Complete FEMA reimbursement happens faster with digital ICS 214 time and activity tracking
management lifecycle

Site Solutions

Digital credentials simplify badging and site access, streamlining time and resource tracking while providing real-time dashboard insights into operations.

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All Hazards Incident Management Team

Boots on the ground support seamlessly integrates with your incident command and operations to amplify emergency response efforts.

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At Your Side With Technology and Resources

Our combination of software and services meet your specific needs in real time. We respond with a boots on the ground team to make our software work for you, so you can focus on saving lives and stabilizing incidents.


Secure Zone Access

Physical and/or virtual kiosks provide a verified and digital record of every individual for check-in/out with location and timestamps, letting you assign the right people to the right zone with built-in accountability.

Track Time

Track Time & Resources

Digital reports and easy-to-use logging of meals and supplies eliminates paper, gives you an automated and accurate record with an audit trail, and delivers real-time updates for improved visibility and forecasting.


Speed Cost Recovery

With automated workflows and pre-populated state and federal forms in a mobile-friendly web application you increase accuracy, eliminate paper, and accelerate the submission and auditing processes for reimbursement.


Verify in Real-Time

All check-ins, forms, and analytics are tied back to digital credentials sent from a trusted organization. Ensure individuals meet eligibility criteria, validate reporting, and assign the right staff for a more effective, safe response.


Share Securely

Our scalable platform enables cross-agency collaboration and a shared reporting system with a secure audit trail. Easy integration with legacy systems unites teams and improves readiness by removing silos.

Data Actionable

Make Data Actionable

Comprehensive, quality data of field activities, powerful analytics, and configurable dashboards allow you to make data-driven decisions, communicate actionable information, and better prepare for future disasters.

Why Partner With Merit

Easy and Effective

Single platform to easily track field resources and activities, digitize reporting, and provide real-time data for better decision making

Fast and Flexible

Highly configurable, scalable, and turnkey solution delivers badges, forms, workflows, and dashboards tailored to your particular needs in days

We Do It All

Agile combination of software and services manages people’s credentials and digitizes workflows creating one-of-a-kind solutions

Merit in Action

Supporting Hurricane Ian Response & Recovery


Responders Registered


Meals Tracked


Hours Logged

Rebuilding Communities Faster




An automated, electronic cost recovery system was desperately needed, and Merit built a valuable tool and accompanying reporting suite.


Retired Police Sergeant Randy Rossman

tasked with FEMA documentation for cost recovery

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