Multi-department accountability at the Surfside Condominium Collapse Response

Miami-Dade Surfside Collapse


Merit’s Incident Management Team (IMT) and scanner/badging teams arrived on the site of the Surfside condominium collapse in Miami, FL within 18 hours of being requested and completed personnel badge printing within 23 hours. Merit provided and managed the equipment and operations of all Personnel and Site Access Systems, including a portal to register responders on the premises, printers to provide badges allowing site access and enabling accurate documentation of hours worked, as well as configurable scanners for controlled access to select site areas.

Merit’s live dashboard enabled critical scene safety, security, and accountability along with real-time reports of departmental resource-use rates. Recovery or rehabilitation status of response teams, the hours worked by first-responders, staff, volunteers, mutual aid, law enforcement, administrative support, and service providers, were digitally tracked and recorded.


When the tragic Surfside disaster struck, Miami-Dade County sought a single vendor platform able to accurately and safely register, badge, track and report first responders’ credentials and activity to maximize efficiency and Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursement.


Seamless, fast, & customizable coordination for all emergency responses

Merit’s digital, verified credentials, issued to thousands of personnel, enabled strategic site access-control and documentation, responder and volunteer hour tracking, and gapless, audit-ready support data for greater resource reimbursement.

Merit’s ReadyNow is an all-hazards, interoperable emergency services solution able to support all aspects of emergency management throughout the United States. Merit technology enables accurate time tracking, license verification, readiness rosters, training opportunities, and support for economic recovery.