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How Digital Check-in Gives Organizations Access Control and Oversight

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In a perfect world, states, hospitals, and volunteer organizations would be able to validate and issue merits without all of the sign-in sheets, time spent confirming participant credentials, and countless hours adding up total participant time. With the Merit Check-in app, all this can be done in an instant.

Merit Check-in gives organizations the tools for virtual check-ins during events, as well as digital waivers and credential screenings to verify the merits of those qualified to participate as part of their check-in experience.

The easy-to-use app can benefit state governments, volunteer organizations, and professional organizations by providing each with a plethora of services at their fingertips. Organizations can create activities that may include qualifications and forms while slashing the time and effort required for manual check-ins and time tracking. Verifying credentials on-site and in real-time can become the norm, with an added bonus of less potential for data entry errors and an opportunity to capture all participant check-in and contact details for better engagement in the future.

But, what’s in it for the members and volunteers that are participating? A lot. They can use their merits to self-serve check-in to an activity hosted by an organization and receive their merit immediately after training is complete. Members use their Merit Key or Merit login credentials at a tablet kiosk or remotely using a “virtual kiosk” to grant access to their merits.

The Merit Check-in log is a great way to track hours worked for employees and apprentices, and later send merits to all the people who checked into a specific activity. If 100 volunteers check-into a training event, Merit Check-in makes it possible to easily send all 100 a merit for completing the training. When paired with our third-party app Credential Creator, certificates can be automatically generated and attached directly to the merits after they are sent. It’s as simple as that!

So, whether you’re training to gain a credential, volunteering to perform what you’re qualified for, or are the one verifying the credential in the first place, making things digital will make the process easier for everyone. Merit Check-in automates the check-in process and drastically reduces the time needed to track participant hours. It also empowers organizations to check-in their members into any activity using self-service kiosks, creating a faster check-in process for members and a hassle-free experience for those running the event. A true win/win situation.



Merit ReadyNow participants can access Merit Check-in 

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis is Merit ReadyNow, a program that provides digital interstate license reciprocity at no cost to state organizations, hospitals, or medical professionals. Once set up with ReadyNow, hospitals can use Check-in with Merits as a verification tool for medical volunteers, licensed doctors, and registered nurses who arrive to assist.

When a medical professional uses Check-in with Merits, they can select all of the qualifications that apply to them. A hospital or volunteer organization can create multiple activities, each with their own qualifications to build a list of qualified people (CPR Certified, EMR Certified, Licensed Doctor, Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, etc.) who can help respond to COVID-19.

Hospitals can track how many hours people are working by having them check-in when they arrive and check out when they’re done. Our goal is to make things easier for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.


Ready to get started? Follow the simple steps below!

  1. Link with Merit at https://checkinwithmerits.com/
  2. Create an activity representing your next event or needs.
  3. Check-in your members and volunteers.
  4. For any questions, check out our Merit Check-in Help Center

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