City of Marco Island, Florida

Independent COVID-19 vaccination registration services for vulnerable populations


When the City of Marco Island, Florida, first received COVID-19 vaccination doses in 2021, existing systems could not prioritize, schedule, or verify patient treatment. The roll-out was marked by sporadic dose availability and ineffective technology as individuals sought vaccines.

Merit’s solution

The City of Marco Island's officials partnered with Merit to establish independent COVID-19 vaccination registration services. Merit prioritized and scheduled treatment following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and managed phone and email appointment reminders.

Without Merit

Municipal public health officials often rely on paper, manual, or patchwork technology systems to organize and administer services. When working with vulnerable or aging populations, they may face the added challenge of communicating with individuals who cannot afford or prefer not to manage health care with mobile technology.


In February 2021, the City of Marco Island, Florida, received initial shipments of COVID-19 vaccinations. Individuals reported widespread difficulty scheduling shots, unresponsive technology, and vaccine shortages.

City officials partnered with Merit to establish independent COVID-19 vaccination registration services. Individuals could register, schedule appointments, obtain treatment, and plan their next dose without the wait times reported at other venues. For the many patients who were unable or preferred not to use mobile technology, Merit managed phone or email comunications to encourage individuals to obtain all vaccine doses.


"We initiated the partnership with Merit to connect with the senior residents of Marco Island and provide vaccination appointments on the Island as soon as possible. We are grateful for how Merit was able to work with City staff to develop a new registration and appointment system that meets the needs of our residents. Their team has gone above and beyond to support us, and our residents are equally as impressed and thankful for the effort Merit has put forth on their behalf." - City of Marco Island Manager Mike McNees

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