Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Audit-ready personnel accountability


The Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s (IEMA) health care partner, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, needed to issue verified staff credentials and track thousands of hours at over 100 critical sites during the COVID-19 response and aftermath.

Merit’s solution

Digital identity solutions enable Favorite Healthcare Staffing to issue, edit, and revoke credentials remotely, in real-time. The agency accurately tracks hours and compliance at over 100 sites. Secure data automatically generates discrepancy-free reports for payroll and cost recovery.

Without Merit

Professional staffing agencies often use paper-based or mixed technology systems for personnel accountability. These are time-consuming, cannot accurately capture shift location, and require valuable staff hours to create reports. Discrepancies are frequently missed and cause costly payroll and reimbursement-grant application errors.

professionals onboarded
sites operating with Merit
check-ins recorded
hours accurately tracked


The Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s partner, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, needed to rapidly adopt a personnel accountability system for temporary health professionals at over 100 COVID-19 response facilities and beyond. The solution needed to generate accurate reporting of all shift hours for payroll and cost recovery grants.

Using Merit digital identity staffing solutions, Favorite Healthcare Staffing issued, edited, and revoked credentials remotely in real-time. Staff used Merit Check-in at physical and/or virtual check-in kiosks to ensure that all professionals met training, testing, waivers, and security requirements. All check-in and out transactions include geolocation and accurate timestamps.

Custom dashboards with live data on all hours, locations, and credentials allow managers to track resource burn and generate branded exportable PDF invoices. Centralized reporting data can be filtered and aggregated by activity, location, check-in/out times, individuals, and duration. Employee data is securely stored in Merit’s SOC and HIPAA compliant ecosystem.

About Merit

Merit’s verified identity platform brings visibility, liquidity, and trust to people-data, giving organizations the clarity to make better-informed decisions, engage with individuals effectively, and pursue their mission efficiently. Merit works with trusted private, state, and municipal organizations to solve critical real-world problems in sectors such as workforce development, emergency services, licensing, education, and defense readiness.

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