United States Parachute Association (USPA)

Verified digital jumper-credentials and activity reporting drive accountability


The United States Parachute Association (USPA) needed a secure system to manage its 40,000 members' credentials and activity data. Member safety depends on the USPA, dropzones, instructors, and jumpers sharing accurate information, especially instructors' qualifications.

Merit’s solution

Merit created a digital, real-time information flow between USPA, participating dropzones, and jumpers. Verified digital credentials guarantee jumper qualification and accurate activity reporting. The USPA can immediately restrict credentials if jumpers or instructors pose a risk, and dropzones can make informed decisions for a safer and more accountable industry.

Without Merit

Jumpers used paper logbooks and hand-filled cards to document activity and apply for licenses, and dropzones issued jump permits based on this data. Without verification, unqualified jumpers could obtain licenses and permits, and substandard instructors could offer training, leading to unsafe environments.


The United States Parachute Association (USPA,) is an organization with complex member and vendor interactions. Licenses and permits depend upon jump and training completion and documentation.

Before partnering with Merit, the USPA had no reliable, centralized system for capturing or sharing this information. Merit created a real-time flow of information between USPA, members, and dropzones. Digital merits now certify jumpers' qualification levels and activities. The USPA can immediately restrict credentials if jumpers or instructors pose a risk to themselves or others, and dropzones can issue credential-based jump permits, making the industry safer and more accountable. Verified Identity also reduces pilot and vendor liability, as merits accurately certify member competency.

Verified digital credentials have improved the trustworthiness of USPA and the sense of security with which members participate in skydiving.

About Merit

Merit’s verified identity platform brings visibility, liquidity, and trust to people-data, giving organizations the clarity to make better-informed decisions, engage with individuals effectively, and pursue their mission efficiently. Merit works with trusted private, state, and municipal organizations to solve critical real-world problems in sectors such as workforce development, emergency services, licensing, education, and defense readiness.

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