Florida Division of Emergency Management

Time-tracking for Florida’s award-winning COVID-19 vaccination program


FL DEM needed an efficient, safe method to maintain shift records for all COVID-19 vaccination site professional staff, reduce fraud, and provide complete documentation for full FEMA reimbursement.

Merit’s solution

The Florida Division of Emergency Management partnered with Merit to track onsite hours, verify licensure status, and directly communicate with COVID-19 testing and vaccination site medical professionals. Merit digitally processed and documented over one-million actual work hours, eliminating fraudulent charges to the state.

Without Merit

Disaster responses often use paper-based systems, a mix of technology, and manual processes. Patchwork approaches are ineffective because capturing all emergency personnel hours worked during crises is difficult.

Possible Funding Sources

  • FEMA reimbursement
  • Federal and/or state grant(s)
  • Direct contract
COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites supported
850,000 +
hours tracked
114,000 +
shifts tracked for 7,000+ medical professionals
3,000 +
volunteer medical credentials verified


The Florida Division of Emergency Management relied on Merit to digitally register, verify licensure status, and communicate with COVID-19 testing and vaccination site medical professionals. In addition to eliminating fraud by capturing actual shift lengths worked, Merit’s data provided the state agency with real-time, gapless resource documentation to expedite federal reimbursement.


“In partnership with Merit, the Division is leveraging technology to get real-time, verified data about staff working at sites across the state. By proactively implementing innovative technology in the state’s emergency responses, the Division can save time and focus on delivering critical resources to Floridians.” - FDEM Director Kevin Guthrie

"My administration has always been committed to using efficient and trustworthy technology solutions to streamline bureaucratic state processes. This award is a testament to that commitment, and I applaud the Division for their technology-forward approach to disaster response.” - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Seamless, fast, & customizable coordination for all emergency responses

Merit’s ReadyNow is an all-hazards, interoperable emergency services solution able to support all aspects of emergency management throughout the United States. Merit technology enables accurate time tracking, license verification, readiness rosters, training opportunities, and support for economic recovery.

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