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Emergency Services

Why National CERT issues digital credentials to its army of volunteers

"We, of course, would never wish for an emergency, but when there is one, we hope Merit can help."
Tomer Kagan, Merit CEO


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How to maximize your non-federal cost share credits

"Finding $100 bills in your couch!"


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Why Emergency Responders Preserve Structural Failure Evidence

"How can a building just collapse?"

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3 Baby Steps to Disaster Readiness During the Formula Shortage

“This product is temporarily out of stock.”

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A Half-Million-Dollar Garbage Bill

“The appeal has been denied.”

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Dear Commercial Storm Chasers, Please Read Into Thin Air

This short read shares:

  1. Chasing can slow emergency responders
  2. Safety may take a back seat in disaster tourism
  3. CERT- a great alternative to profiting...
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Merit Introduces Custom Forms Tool for Organizations to Bring Verified Data into Existing Workflows

Activity Logs and Cost Recovery Efforts Already Being Transformed for Emergency Response Organizations

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Climbing 110 stories for "Probie" Santora, FDNY

The youngest FDNY hero

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Happy Birthday, Emergency!

Inspiring a generation of responders

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3 Steps Towards Diverse and Inclusive Disaster Communication

What is the human cost of a taco?

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Experience Verified Identity at these emergency management conferences

Merit has deployed to many hazardous scenarios, so we were not about to let a National Weather Service falling iguana warning stop us from meeting...

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Hot Showers or Paperwork? Modernizing Your Cost-recovery Process

After reading this you will know:

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Leader of nation’s largest disaster program joining Merit to spearhead emergency services team

Chris Walker, former Senior Vice President of WSP's Emergency Management division, has joined Merit as the President of the company’s Emergency...

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3 Preparedness Templates Emergency Managers Need Now

Everyone thinks your crew will save them…right now

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Strategic Data Across the Emergency Management Stages: How Winning Three Super Bowls Can Teach You to Prepare for Disasters

Bill Walsh, who coached the San Francisco 49ers to three winning Super Bowls, was obsessed with preparedness. In his management classic, "The Score...

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