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6 Ways Technology Helps Meal Management Accountability During Disasters

The Waffle House Index was coined by Craig Fugate, former administrator of FEMA, to unofficially indicate a storm’s impact and the likely scale of...

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[Webinar Recap] Enhancing Private-Public Partnerships for Underserved Community Disaster Resilience

Whether we may realize it or not, businesses — both small and large — have a profound influence on disaster resilience. When we think about emergency...

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Time Tracking for Emergency Management: How to Make the Most of Your Time and Budget

Let’s be honest – in all facets of life, evidence is important. Receipts, timestamps, and budgets are all supporting numbers that well, pretty much...

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Celebrating Disability Pride Month: Honoring Progress and Advocacy of People with Disabilities in the United States

As Merit's new Emergency Management Specialist for Underserved Communities, my mission is clear: advocating for all groups. This Disability Pride...

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3 Steps to Building Trust in Underserved Communities for Emergency Management

Our recent webinar addressed creative ways to build trust with underserved communities in official emergency management. We were lucky to be joined...

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5 Ways Modern Technology Optimizes Blue Skies Preparedness

For emergency agencies, taking advantage of Blue Skies to focus on training is ideal when preparing for life safety. Though with a pattern of...

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Improving the Four Phases of Hurricane Management with Merit

This year's storms are on the way.

Our most extreme weather season has barely started, and the first named tropical storm, Arlene, has already...

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Why National CERT Issues Digital Credentials for its Volunteers

An army of volunteers dedicated thousands of service hours to response and recovery efforts when Hurricane Ian struck on September 28, 2022. To help...

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How to Maximize Non-Federal Cost Share Credits [With Complete ICS 214s]

Your emergency agency may be about to spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars unnecessarily.

Every year, agencies pay 10-25% non-federal cost...

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Why Emergency Responders Preserve Structural Failure Evidence

"How can a building just collapse?"

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3 Baby Steps to Disaster Readiness During the Formula Shortage

“This product is temporarily out of stock.”

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Dear Commercial Storm Chasers, Please Read Into Thin Air

This short read shares:

  1. Chasing can slow emergency responders
  2. Safety may take a back seat in disaster tourism
  3. CERT- a great alternative to profiting...
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The Best Custom Forms Tool to Add Verified Data in Workflows

Activity Logs and Cost Recovery Efforts Already Being Transformed for Emergency Response Organizations

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Climbing 110 stories for "Probie" Santora, FDNY

The youngest FDNY hero

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Happy Birthday, Emergency!

Inspiring a generation of responders

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3 Steps Towards Diverse and Inclusive Disaster Communication

What is the human cost of a taco?

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Emergency Management Conferences: Verified Identity Solutions

Merit has deployed to many hazardous scenarios, so we were not about to let a National Weather Service falling iguana warning stop us from meeting...

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Hot Showers or Paperwork? Modernizing FEMA Cost Recovery [With Digital ICS 214s]

  • FEMA funding drives emergency response
  • Accurate and complete reporting is the key to funding
  • Digital ICS 214s support successful FEMA Public...
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