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Workforce Development & Licensing

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Can universal digital licenses help your state thrive?

Will COVID-displaced professionals move to your state?

Advocates for reciprocal licenses shared compelling data in a...

Digital vs. Paper Licenses: Why Digital Wins Every Time

Everyone has experienced the moment of going through a cluttered file cabinet or an unorganized wallet looking for...

Occupational Licensing in a Post COVID-19 World


COVID-19 has shed light on many areas that are in need of improvement. The necessary expansion of occupational...

Merit Lookup Launched Alongside ReadyNow Initiative

The bothersome, manual administrative labor required from medical organizations and their staff is something Merit...



Empowering Displaced Workers with Credentials of Value

Strategies for empowering displaced workers and government agencies with accesible credentials that can connect displaced workers with opportunities, quickly.

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What State Agencies Need to Know in a Time of Pandemic

This session outlines strategies for tackling unemployment, reemployment, activating your skilled workforce.


Occupational Licensing and Reciprocity Post-COVID-19

This sessions explores how states are rethinking reciprocity across state lines to connect workers with opportunities.

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White Papers





Using Verified Identity

to Revolutionize Workforce Development.


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Report: Veteran Employment

the Challenges and Opportunities


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Digital Credentials

Enabling Employment Faster with Digital Verification


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Digitization in Apprenticeships

Get More Workers Into Apprenticeships and Back on the Job


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