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Introducing Merit Opportunities: Helping You Answer “What’s Next?”

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The current state of the world has forced unexpected changes in all of our lives, and with that change comes shifted expectations in what’s next. Things like a new job, a new contract, or a new class could help answer that important question but can be daunting to go out and find on your own—especially at a time when there is no leaving home. If you’re a part of an organization, you’re likely experiencing shifting expectations as well, which can cause new responsibilities, higher demand for information, and new ways of doing things. 

As an individual, what if there were opportunities waiting for you that you knew you were a fit for? And for organizations, a way to reach the right person that qualifies for the opportunities our new reality has brought forth? 

We are delighted to share Merit Opportunities at a time when it’s needed most.

Merit Opportunities is a new feature that empowers people to discover new pathways to unlock their highest potential and allow organizations to share opportunities with their desired audience. Opportunities such as job openings, networking events, educational training, and much more will be at the fingertips of everyone using Merit for their credentials, certificates, licenses, and other achievements. 

While much of this information already exists on organization and company websites, it can be difficult to find all the options that people are truly qualified to take part in. Because of this, countless beneficial possibilities and resources don’t reach those they are intended to help, and valuable opportunities are missed. Merit is in a unique position to be able to play ‘matchmaker’ between people and organizations offering opportunities to assist them in preparing for their next move. 

“Merit Opportunities is a map containing all the paths that your merits enable you to navigate both in the real and digital world,” said Tomer Kagan, Merit CEO. “By having a complete picture of the total capabilities associated with each merit, people have the foresight to make the best decisions available.”

For quick and easy access, the new “Opportunities” feature of the Merit App will list all opportunities a person is qualified for based on the merits they’ve earned. Designed with user privacy in mind, no personal information of the person is shared with the opportunity publishers. 

For organizations and companies that require licenses and credentials, this new feature provides a place to create and publish customizable opportunities such as conferences, volunteer events, or promotional discounts while ensuring the opportunity will be viewable only to their intended audience. This will help organizations that publish opportunities to be more efficient by only reviewing those that are qualified to participate. 

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What makes Merit Opportunities especially remarkable for organizations is how they become a conduit for the appropriate resources to find their way to the appropriate person in a format that’s not an ad. For example, anyone who works in government will tell you that one of the hardest and most costly parts of policymaking is visibility.

Merit Opportunities serves as a pathway to advancement and will help organizations offer people resources to learn and network, discover ways to earn new credentials and provide a route toward alleviating unemployment—something much needed in times such as these. Merit’s solution is coming soon, so stay tuned for the Opportunities feature in your Merit App in the coming weeks.

Are you a part of an organization? Learn more about how Opportunities works here or complete our “Let’s Get Started” form at Merits.com/Opportunities or email opp@merits.com to be introduced to an Account Manager. 

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