Solutions for digital verification

Solving human coordination applies to every industry. Merit’s verified identity network helps trusted organizations across government and enterprise solve critical real-world problems in workforce development, emergency services, licensing, apprenticeships, education, and defense readiness, helping unlock society's collective potential.

A network of trust and truth

Merit enables trusted organizations to capture and certify people-data – including licenses, credentials, memberships, and opportunities – in digital objects called merits. It also lets recipients manage the data they share with organizations.

Portable and transparent

Trusted issuers can create merits, then continuously update and securely share them with recipients.

Always up to date

Get automated updates to issuer policies across any type of merit, such as new license qualification rules.


Connect fragmented data sources and legacy technology, and bridge gaps between government and the private sector.

Easy to use

Intuitive mobile app centralizes all merits for recipients, with easy verification, including in-person using a QR scan.

Putting Merit to work for you

Workforce Development

Get workers back on the job faster with verified identity


Verified identity opens the door to expedited, portable licenses

Health Care

Verified identity enables public health compliance at scale

Emergency Services

Mobilize teams for seamless disaster preparedness


Connect education to meaningful career pathways

Defense Readiness

Seamless verified identity support for armed forces



Rapid Deployment Packages

In addition to vertical-specific solutions, Merit can be quickly implemented to solve a range of challenges. Every solution and rapid deployment package offering also connects to our ecosystem, expanding the network effects for merit recipients.


Activate your state’s workforce by streamlining services, training, and employment for Workforce Development, Licensing, and Apprenticeships.


Streamline emergency management with verified digital credentials for health care and emergency services, especially during COVID-19 and disaster response.