Merit Opportunities

Empower communities to discover new pathways to unlock their highest potential.

Organizations can share opportunities with individuals based on their verified achievements.

Merit Opportunities connects Merit users with information on upcoming or ongoing opportunities they are qualified for. Users looking to discover new pathways based upon their merits will be provided with resources to assist them in preparing for that next step. Your organization will serve as those resources and your upcoming events, job openings, and more will be seen only by those that qualify for them.

How Does It Work?

Organizations will publish opportunities’ details (name, description, and more) to share with specified target audiences.

Members will receive opportunities in the ‘Opportunities’ feed of their Member App if they meet the proper qualifications.

Members can immediately take advantage of an organization’s unique possibilities to apply for jobs, learn about important industry updates, attend training, and more!

Let your community get the most value from your services by...


Expanding your community by sharing opportunities to those that you don’t have contact information for or aren’t yet members of your service(s).


Ensuring that your opportunities are seen only by a qualified audience, thus driving efficiency for your team


Enriching peoples’ experience by putting highly valuable opportunities in front of the individuals who will want to see them.


Generating heightened exposure among a highly relevant audience via a new outlet for communications, all for no additional cost.

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About Merit

Merit is the verified identity ecosystem for government, businesses, and workers that lets everyone operate with the efficiency, trust, and transparency that comes with having universal mobility. By letting everyone access, track, and organize their licenses and credentials in real time, Merit is bringing personal and professional skills verification into the digital age.

Through a single, secure platform, Merit puts the power of trusted and verified credentials in the hands of professionals across the public and private sectors.