Merit & Eastern Washington University

Unlocking Opportunities with Digital Wallets and Credentials

Eastern Washington University and Merit are proud to offer Summer Bridge participants the chance to learn firsthand about digital wallets. This program will provide students with improved digital literacy, increased employability, convenience, and recognition for their accomplishments.

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Why Merit?

Online Graduation

Experiential learning

By using the Merit smartphone app to access and manage digital credentials, students will experience firsthand how digital wallets function and their practical applications. This hands-on approach can deepen their understanding of the technology and its potential uses in various domains, such as finance, business, and consumer transactions.


Increased Employability

The digital credentials earned through the program can serve as tangible evidence of skills and achievements. These credentials can be included in resumes, portfolios, and online profiles, enhancing employability and demonstrating an ability to adapt to emerging technologies.

How does it work?


Complete quests

Every Summer Bridge cohort will complete a series of quests designed to encourage college readiness.


Receive credentials

Digital credentials for quest completions and other achievements will be sent via email and can be accessed in the Merit platform.


Download the app

The Merit smartphone app stores all credentials, and provides easy access and sharing tools, eliminating the need for physical copies or cumbersome paperwork.


Access opportunities

Based on the achievements, students will qualify for certain opportunities, such as with our employer partner, Providence.

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