Connect people with opportunities through digital credentials

Learn about the verified identity solution enabling private and public sectors to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials to match those who earned them with opportunities like jobs, services, and training.


Organizations can rely on the authenticity of merits and issue them via easy-to-use technology.



Verifiers can check a recipient’s merits to ensure their credentials are valid and up to date.



Recipients can access portable merits and opportunities in the mobile app and on the web.

Verified identity with Merit

Enable connectivity and consistency

Verified identity offers the accuracy of connected data, building a system of truth and trust that benefits organizations, people, and communities.

Promote future-proof technology

Merit is customizable and scalable, making it easy to accommodate changing needs and evolving technologies.

Bridge gaps between sources

Merit works with any legacy system to offer interoperability and ensure data is clean, accurate, and up to date.

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