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Tomer Kagan shares Merit's unique fundraising philosophy and best practices

"We use our fundraising process as a forcing function in the company to compel us to make constant improvements."

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Ohio’s Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Accounts Provide Greater Access to Student Enrichment Programs

Qualifying students can receive $500 for summer and before- and after-school educational activities

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3 Baby Steps to Disaster Readiness During the Formula Shortage

“This product is temporarily out of stock.”

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Solve Your 2 Worst Labor Problems With Fair Chance Hiring

Equitable and successful businesses that hire Fair Chance Employees promote family and community resilience by solving the root cause of recidivism -...

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Dear Commercial Storm Chasers, Please Read Into Thin Air

This short read shares:

  1. Chasing can slow emergency responders
  2. Safety may take a back seat in disaster tourism
  3. CERT- a great alternative to profiting...
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The Best Custom Forms Tool to Add Verified Data in Workflows

Activity Logs and Cost Recovery Efforts Already Being Transformed for Emergency Response Organizations

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How to make a join table with Liquibase and Gorm

A new tool for SQL database relationships

A join table is the traditional tool used to define a "many-to-many" relationship in a SQL database. Here...

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Climbing 110 stories for "Probie" Santora, FDNY

The youngest FDNY hero

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Happy Birthday, Emergency!

Inspiring a generation of responders

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3 Steps Towards Diverse and Inclusive Disaster Communication

What is the human cost of a taco?

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Emergency Management Conferences: Verified Identity Solutions

Merit has deployed to many hazardous scenarios, so we were not about to let a National Weather Service falling iguana warning stop us from meeting...

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Is license reciprocity finally coming to your state?

Family groceries and legislation that matters

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Hot Showers or Paperwork? Modernizing FEMA Cost Recovery [With Digital ICS 214s]

  • FEMA funding drives emergency response
  • Accurate and complete reporting is the key to funding
  • Digital ICS 214s support successful FEMA Public...
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Leader of nation’s largest disaster program joining Merit to spearhead emergency services team

Chris Walker, former Senior Vice President of WSP's Emergency Management division, has joined Merit as the President of the company’s Emergency...

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Merit Raises $50M to Expand into New Industries and Use Cases

Today Merit announced that the company has raised $50M in Series B funding, bringing the total raised to date to $80M. Rose Park Advisors led the...

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3 Preparedness Templates Emergency Managers Need Now

Everyone thinks your crew will save them…right now

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Strategic Data Across the Emergency Management Stages: How Dragging Three Lifeboats Across Antarctica Can Help You Recover from Disasters

Nobody was lost when the Antarctic pack-ice finally splintered the Endurance. The immediate threat to life ceased when Sir Ernest Shackleton's crew...

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