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If You Aren’t Laughing At Work, Quit.

Hard days happen. Hell, at a start-up, hard weeks and hard months happen. But no matter what type of week you’re having, if there aren’t moments at...

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Bulk uploads with Merit: Issue thousands of merits in minutes!

Do you issue certificates, licenses, or credentials? More importantly, do you send them in bulk? 

If your answer is yes, then you know how...

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Merit Check-in: Spend Less Time on Paperwork and More Time on Important Work.

Picture this...

You’re managing an activity that requires participant check-ins, credential validation, and even time tracking and reporting. And...

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Sigma is now Merit

We’re excited to introduce you to our new brand – Merit®.

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The Man With the Most Merits: Jay Stokes

If you’re a skydiver, you know Jay Stokes’s name. He’s the former President of the USPA, after all. He came to professional civilian skydiving only...

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Hey, DZOs: Let’s End Two Unnecessary Expenses, Together

If you’ve been running a dropzone for a while, we already know a couple of things about you. Ready?

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Spotting the Truth in a World of Lies

We expect white lies in our everyday lives and have become accustomed to not necessarily believing everything we hear. Whether it’s someone’s...

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Merit Magnific: Chris Geiler

When I talk to him, World Wingsuit Champion and elite wingsuit instructor Chris Geiler is gearing up for a busy day jumping his wingsuit from Italian...

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Merit Magnific: Skydive University

When I talk to Skydive University founder Rob Laidlaw, he’s in Guatemala. He’s personally supervising three examiner trainees as they conduct a Coach...

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