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Unlock Your Highest Potential with Merit Opportunities

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Since mid-March, the country has been in a state of emergency. With this drastic declaration, millions have lost jobs, paused their education, and put a hold on anything that involves socializing in person or in public. At a time when a chance to take a positive step forward is what everyone needs, we are excited to introduce Merit Opportunities—a new feature that will lead you to a steady path of possibilities and help you find your next step.

Merit Opportunities can be found under the new ‘Opportunities’ section of the Merit App, and features opportunities promoted by organizations relevant to you and your pre-existing merits. Opportunities such as job openings, networking events, educational training, and classes, and much more will be accessible anywhere using your smartphone.

Why Merit Opportunities? 

We know that research can be done to find discounts or seminars you’re looking for, but we want to make things easy by bringing everything you need to a single platform to showcase opportunities you didn’t even know you were looking for and ensure that you never miss out on something great. For example, If you’re in real estate, with Merit Opportunities you will be notified when a company posts an opening for a new agent, when there is a promotion on tools you need for your next showing, or when a seminar or class to earn a new credential is coming to town. From plumbing to skydiving, any occupation or activity that requires you to hold a license, certification, or credential can benefit from Merit Opportunities and all it has to offer.

What makes Merit Opportunities feature truly unique is that the opportunities that you are shown will be what you are actually able to participate in. The Opportunities homepage will be curated based on the user’s hard-earned merits and will only show you what you’re qualified for. This removes the second-guessing in any application process and quickly puts you on the right track to your next endeavor. With Merit Opportunities, you’ll never miss a beneficial opportunity or a resource intended to help you thrive again.

Are you interested in unlocking all your possibilities with Merit Opportunities? Make sure you’re signed up with Merit as an individual to begin viewing opportunities in the Merit App. Learn more in our Opportunities Member Guide.

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