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Sigma is now Merit

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We’re excited to introduce you to our new brand – Merit®.

The concept of “merits” has always been a part of our vision, our mission, and our platform. And now that key ingredient gets to be front and center as the name of our company. Merit was the natural selection of how we talk about the company, how organizations benefit, and how members pursue and benefit from their life’s achievements.

We’re proud of our journey that led us to embrace Merit as our corporate moniker. And we’re excited to launch the entire new brand, including our new logo, tagline, color palette, and other unique and inspirational brand elements.

The epicenter of our new brand will be showcased on our new website, which will launch on June 17th at merits.com.

Everyone at Merit looks forward to the journey together and continuing the same great spirit, service, and experience you enjoyed with Sigma.

Merit. Because you earned it.

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