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Sigma is now Merit!

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We’re excited to introduce you to our new brand – Merit®.

The idea of “merits” has always been integral to our vision, mission, and platform. Now, this key element takes center stage as the new name of our company. Merit was a natural choice to represent how we discuss the company, how organizations derive benefits, and how members pursue and gain from their life’s accomplishments.

We take pride in the journey that led us to embrace Merit as our corporate identity. We are thrilled to introduce our entire new brand, featuring a new logo, tagline, color palette, and other distinctive and inspiring brand elements.

The heart of our new brand will be unveiled on our upcoming website, which is set to launch on June 17th at merits.com.

Everyone at Merit is eager to embark on this journey together, maintaining the same excellent spirit, service, and experience you enjoyed with Sigma.

Merit. Because you've earned it.

Follow us on LinkedIn and be part of our dynamic journey as we continue to deliver excellence.


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