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Merit Offers More Than Just Digital Licenses for Barbers and Cosmetologists

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Last month, Merit announced its partnership with Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) to streamline licensing and digital credentialing for thousands of professionals in the Commonwealth. More than 310,000 Virginia workers in more than 40 industries are required by law to have a license from DPOR to work. Merit’s platform will give these professionals an easier way to bring their licenses with them wherever they go and make the certification more accessible to consumers and businesses. 

Although it’s exceptionally useful to have a digital merit so that a barber or cosmetologist can verify their current license status, there are additional applications Merit offers for the industry – which also includes estheticians, nail technicians, wax technicians, and tattoo artists. One of the applications simplifies tracking attendance at beauty schools and apprenticeship programs. In Virginia, professional schools and training programs that train students to be licensed by the Board for Barbers and Cosmetology are required to maintain attendance records for no less than five years following a student’s graduation. Merit’s free Check-in with Merits app alleviates the burden of paperwork attendance records and helps schools check students into class and track their attendance in a single, secure system. Schools can also send merits to students for course completion, awards, any additional electives they take, and transcripts, eliminating paper certificates and making those validated credentials easily accessible for professionals.

The attendance tracking tool’s use goes beyond just school attendance. Convention and expo event coordinators, traveling beauty educators, and associations can use Check-in with Merits to easily track attendance for events ranging from a handful of people to hundreds of attendees. The qualification feature on the application allows event organizers to create requirements for attendance, such as a current esthetician or master barber license.

Merit’s most recent update allows individuals to digitally share their own merits with anyone via email or their personal Merit key in the Merit app. The merit holder can customize which merits are shared and how long the recipient has access to them. The accessibility and mobility of their occupational licenses will give cosmetologists and other licensed professionals the freedom to share their licenses and credentials with potential employers, customers, beauty supply stores, or an auditor requesting proof of licensure. Imagine having one less piece of paperwork to keep track off and automatically receiving an updated digital license after renewal, so that you can focus on making the world a more beautiful place.

Get started with Merit today – or reach out if you have any questions!

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