Transform Workforce Systems with Digital Credentials

When workforce, human services, and education systems use Merit’s platform for verified identity and digital credentials, an ecosystem of endless employment, educational, and economic possibilities abound. 

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How Workforce Systems Improve with Merit

Aligning Resources & Connecting Data Systems to Create Better Futures

Merit is the platform that connects employers, education institutions, and students and employees with trainings, learning pathways, and opportunities that ensure workforce systems’ program success.   

Merit ecosystem Merit ecosystem
A Single System for Data Tracking
Organizations that use Merit benefit from a single system for capturing all relevant information tied to the recipients they serve and data to gain critical insights and determine ROI on programs. Workforce agencies get visibility into the impact of programs geared toward employment opportunities and career advancement, including insights into the hiring and staffing needs of regional employers.
Inter-Organization Communication
Workforce systems and organizations like human services resources, employers and education institutions can collaborate and communicate more efficiently with Merit. Our platform helps organizations coordinate numerous programs and services. Our solution works with all legacy systems, relying on minimal effort from the agency to get up and running, future-proofing government technology.
Learning, Training, & Employment Pathways
With technology designed to plug into an employer’s existing career pathways, workforce systems can go a step further and extensively customize pathways, making them more visual and valuable. This also allows employers to identify talent ready for upskilling and reskilling and gives staff visual tools for career development with actionable steps to get there..
Reporting & Revenue
In a vast and complex workforce ecosystem, Merit facilitates connectivity and communication of functions not traditionally designed to work together, including building critical reporting and accountability capabilities right into processes without requiring additional work for people who are often already overworked. This type of reporting helps identify areas for improvement, saves time, creates opportunities and can lead to additional revenue through move effective programs.


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Works with legacy systems, 
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Reports on Program Participation 
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Secure data matching & information sharing between workforce regions, government agencies, employers,  
and community partners.

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How it works

Pssst, Education, Human Services and Workforce Systems: Isn’t it Time for a Talk?

By aligning resources, workforce development programs can better support integrated service delivery and ensure interested partners and agencies – whether focused on education, workforce development, or human and social services – are aware of a joint commitment for improved collaboration and coordination across programs and funding sources.


Step 1

Workforce systems can use the Merit platform to capture data – such as a worker’s credentials – into a digital object called a merit.


Step 2

Approved training providers can issue a merit to an individual as proof of membership, eligibility, training, licensing, and other attributes. (18;45)


Step 3

Individuals accessing workforce services can then share their merits with employers, online or using their smartphone to show proof of training completion, apprenticeship completion, or other workforce training – for example, to show an employer proof that their professional license is valid and up to date (an app. Program has been completed).