Develop, digitize, and disrupt.

Let’s ditch analog siloed systems of ledgers, paper certificates, and plastic ID cards.


Why partner with Merit?

Ready to enhance your credentialing tools? Need to easily use credential data to power your app? Integrate with Merit to issue, access, and leverage vetted and privacy-safe credentials, represented by merits. 

Through Merit, developers have already digitized and disrupted analog systems such as paper certificates, ledgers, and plastic identification cards across diverging industries, notably skydiving, occupational licensing, and emergency services.

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If you’ve already set up your org and are ready to start coding – click here to request a Merit API Key.


What can you do with Merit?

Integrate with or build your app on top of the Merit Platform to digitize and automate each and every step of the end-to-end credentialing process.

Upload credential data

Upload your credential data to Merit in bulk or on a merit-by-merit basis.


Create merits

Easily create new digital merits that represent achievements, skills, experience, certifications, education, membership, activities, and much more.


Edit merits

Tweak a single recipient’s merit, or update your digital merits at scale.


Issue merits

Once your merits are ready to share, use Merit to easily update content on these merits, or you can distribute them at scale.


Digitally verify merits

Enhance your check-in software by using digital merits to verify if recipients has specific credentials to qualify for an event or activity.


Revoke and transfer merits

Ensure the right people have the right merits.


Manage organization data

Update, edit, and maintain organization data that is shared through Merit.


Send merit-based alerts

Reach members who fit your specific qualifications.


Ready to get coding?

If you’re ready to start coding – check out our developer documentation.

Developer Documentation


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

We’d be delighted to discuss you potentially integrating Merit into your app using our API to bring all of the benefits of merits to your organization, and your members.

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