Merit is for

who want trusted digital credentials to work

with other

Merit is for

who want trusted digital credentials to work with other

What is Merit?

Merit is the only interoperable ecosystem for all digital credentials from trusted organizations. The ecosystem includes issuers like government, verifiers like companies and organizations, and recipients who are individuals.

How does Merit work?

How does Merit work?

Merit lets trusted organizations like government issue credentials and seamlessly implement new policies. For example, if the requirements for a business license change in your state, with Merit, the current license holders will immediately be notified if they need to take additional steps to renew the license.

Digital credentials known as merits make it easy for credential issuers to create, update, and share secure, portable credentials with recipients and verifiers.

Merit provides liquidity for all digital credentials, and it works with legacy technology.


Easily bridge data silos and legacy technology gaps to create verified digital credentials.

Programmatic software updates at no additional cost to you.

Built to scale as your organization grows.

Rely on the authenticity of trusted digital credentials through easy verification.

Share opportunities like events, training, and jobs with the right people, based on their qualifications.

Enable individuals in your network to maximize their professional experience and achievements.

See how Virginia launched 200,000+ digital business licenses.