Delight your members.

Take the manual process out of credential verification.


Better verification through digitization.

Install a streamlined privacy-friendly credential verification process with Merit! No more tedious, manual credential inspections – use Merit and our partnerships to automatically screen and validate credentials for seamless check-ins.

Improve verification accuracy

Curtail the risk of human error with digital verification to ensure efficient, accurate and reliable qualifications.

Streamline the verification process

Go digital to make verification simpler! Improve both your verification rates and participant experience by digitally scanning and verifying credentials.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Use Merit to certify that expired, inactive, or faxed credentials will be revoked access to events via intelligent, real-time verification.


Solution Highlights for Organizations


Check-in with Merits

Linked directly to the Merit Platform, Check-in with Merits empowers organizations to digitally verify their participants using digital merits. Participants can screen their credentials using a easy-to-user kiosk.


Merit API

Need to verify credentials at scale? Integrate with the Merit API to automate your credential screening and verification.


Solutions for Members


Merit Mobile App

Merit makes verification easier for recipients, too! When merit recipients download our mobile app, they can easily scan into their next event using the Merit Key, a QR code available through the app, to scan and share their merits.

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