Take the work out of getting work done.

Digital transformation for individual licenses ranging from architects and contractors to cosmetologists and wrestlers.


Streamlining workforce licensing.

We are rolling out Merit for state professional and occupational regulation departments to streamline individual professional licensing. This will significantly impact a wide-range of industries like hairdressers, plumbers, real estate brokers, and even tattoo artists. 


Digitizing workforce skills, certifications, licenses, and achievements.


Stymie fraud through a digital process that flags licenses that need renewing.

Report & analyze

Report and analyze how credentials are being used, verified, and checked.


Merit for Virginia hairdressers, plumbers, tattoo artists, and architects.

Merit is working with the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation to bring the benefits of merits to state-licensed workers. Forty-five major industries, including hairdressers, real estate brokers, painters, contractors, tattoo artists — 310,000 people annually – require state licensing to do their jobs. The verifications that say they are legally allowed to do what they do will be stored and verified on Merit. 


Empowering a workforce.

With Merit, these workers’ new licenses will reflect legal ability to carry out their professions via verified, digital merits. As this wide-scale licensing moves onto Merit's secure platform, it will become accessible and verifiable by all, especially those who are interested in enlisting these services. Other benefits include the abilities to stymie fraud and analyze how credentials are being used, verified, and checked.


The growing need for license transformation.


There is an immense range of industries and entities where Merit can transform how people’s skills are officially recognized and verified. 

In the 1950s, approximately 5% of U.S. workers had an occupational license, meaning they completed additional schooling or training (and paid the necessary fees) and passed an exam to be licensed to practice the profession in a certain state. 

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 23% of full-time workers have a license. Nationally, 37 million people need licenses or certifications to do their jobs today and that number is rapidly increasing. 

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