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Verified identity gets people to back to work faster

Merit WorkNow uses verified identity to match people with training, job opportunities, and supportive services based on their verified skills, credentials, and licenses. Merit works with legacy systems to help states activate their workforce and fast-track economic recovery.

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How Merit Can Help

Verified identity puts autonomy and efficiency in the hands of individuals and government for workforce development and occupational regulation.

Digital licensure and credentials

Digital and portable credentials offer fast, easy, and contactless verification, while enabling notifications to show credentials are up to date.

Matching people with opportunities

Match recipients with relevant opportunities for training, education, jobs, benefits, and supportive services based on their earned merits.

Secure reporting

An open, secure API enables programmatic verification and ensures strong, consistent user privacy and data security.

What Merit Offers​

Seamless integration

Training providers send individuals merits for the completion of professional trainings.

Easy access to credentials

People can centrally manage all of their credentials, trainings, and memberships.

Clearer career pathways

Local opportunities are published to people, giving them access to relevant jobs and supportive services.

Fast, contactless verification

Individuals verify their merits with potential employers for a seamless employment verification experience.

Valuable insights

Analytics on merits sent by training providers are reported back to the issuing organization, giving them unprecedented visibility into their reskilling programs.

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Transform apprenticeship programs to create more opportunity


Connect education to meaningful career pathways

Workforce Development

Get workers back on the job faster with verified identity

Emergency Services

Mobilize teams for seamless disaster preparedness

Health Care

Verified identity enables public health compliance at scale

Defense Readiness

Seamless verified identity support for armed forces


Case Study: Virginia credentials go digital

Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) modernized its agency and how it serves constituents by offering a digital license and credentials platform to increase accessibility for professionals.