Track vaccinations, volunteers, and paid workers for a faster rollout​

The interoperable and paperless verified identity solution for COVID-19 vaccination sites. Identify, verify, and track all volunteers, paid staff, and vaccinations.​

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How Merit Can Help​

Enable vaccination sites to administer as many doses as fast as possible by ensuring that the right people are at the right place, at the right time.


Run fast and contactless verification of workers, volunteers, and registered vaccine recipients with unique QR codes.

Operations center

Track staff hours, coordinate and track resources in real-time, and help ensure all personnel are deployed to their highest-and-best use.


Optimize reimbursements and resource management with statewide admin views and reports.

What Merit Offers​


Disconnected registration systems have impacted operations and reporting capabilities. Merit can be connected to other systems for a silo-free, real-time data assessment for better and faster decision making.


Enable vaccination sites and agencies to work together more efficiently with a single method for verification. Connect emergency partners for mutual aid, and merged capability views on vaccination performance.


Attain site vaccination data in the aggregate, by county or by individual facility. Monitor site readiness and performance with details such as how many workers each facility has, how many hours they have worked, and how many vaccines have been given.


A privacy-friendly, secure repository helps map and track all workers and volunteers, their skills, trainings, and availability.


Merit’s deployment team is on 24/7 standby for notice of activation in a disaster to go on-scene and ensure all hours get tracked.

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