Health Care

Verified identity enables public health compliance at scale

Health care providers often interact with patients and providers at numerous locations each day. Merit’s verified identity makes it easier for facilities and care workers to stay compliant, while providing timely insights to administrators and policymakers to help them manage public health.

Moments of transformation

Facilities face a moving target due to frequent changes by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to COVID-19 testing requirements for their staff and patients.

Many health care workers interact with patients and providers at multiple facilities each day, which can complicate the verification of credentials.

Massive administrative challenges exist to implement COVID-19 testing for residents and staff across all state and agency facilities.

Organizations, verifiers, and individuals still have to contend with data silos, legacy systems, and other unique needs.

Paper certificates or badges are insufficient, unverifiable, and unavailable in real time.


How Merit helps

Easy Reporting

Enables states to more easily submit necessary monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting audits to CMS that indicates testing compliance.

Board Licensing

Connects board licensing with relevant agencies.

Tracking Education

Tracks and reports required continuing education classes using digital credentials.

Search and Verify

Provides online search and license verification portal by Merit.


Sends changes in codes or regulations to qualified licensees by board or agency.

Test Result Verification

Provides up-to-date, digital verification of test results, enabling facilities to see and report on workers’ current test status.

In Compliance

Helps facilities stay in compliance with fluctuating Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) accreditation requirements.

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Verified credentials

How Merit works

Merit enables agencies and the private sector to issue verified digital credentials to help keep care workers safer on the job, and address ongoing regulatory hurdles and red tape.


Supporting health care professionals

License Validation

Solves immediate staffing and licensure issues with quick, digital license validation.


Provides flexibility and mobility of staff in response to urgent needs.

Quick Verification

Verifies credentials quickly, increasing accuracy of verification for hospitals and care facilities.


Connects health care professionals to training, professional development, and opportunities.


Gives licensees mobile-friendly, licenses with accurate information, and instant notifications.


Facilitates cross-jurisdiction collaboration laying the groundwork for interstate reciprocity.

Fast Compliance

Speeds compliance with legal requirements for providing licenses on request from a mobile phone.

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Transform apprenticeship programs to create more opportunity


Connect education to meaningful career pathways

Workforce Development

Get workers back on the job faster with verified identity

Emergency Services

Mobilize teams for seamless disaster preparedness


Verified identity opens the door to expedited, portable licenses

Defense Readiness

Seamless verified identity support for armed forces



Rapid Deployment Package

In addition to vertical-specific solutions, Merit can be quickly implemented to solve a range of challenges. Every solution and rapid deployment package offering also connects to our ecosystem, expanding the network effects for merit recipients.


Streamline emergency management with verified digital credentials for health care and emergency services, especially during COVID-19 and disaster response.

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