Bring transparency to credential achievement

Connect education and meaningful career pathways by presenting learners with targeted opportunities for advancement like jobs, events, and ongoing training.



Access a secure, aggregated, real-time view of course completions, trainings, and earned credentials across local education agencies, higher education institutions, and training providers.

Track the progress of learners as they move through career pathways (CTE, apprenticeships, work-based learning, national career clusters).

Power apps and websites that connect learners to education opportunities and jobs based on their verified skills and training credentials.

Facilitate credential crosswalking between agencies.

Learners can easily access, track, and organize all of their achievements to help them gain new professional opportunities.

Provide a portable, verifiable, and trusted record of training, work-based learning activities, and course completions.



Uniting Education & Career Pathways

Bring transparency to credential achievement by tracking and validating credentials.

Create a real-time credential and skills inventory of all competencies, course completions, training, and other work-based activities completed by learners.

Accelerate meaningful career pathways by offering learners targeted opportunities for advancement like jobs, events, and specialized training.

Improve the interoperability of legacy systems.

Provide backend reporting that can follow learners as they progress towards career pathways and provide insight into where the state’s skilled workforce is located.


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In Demand and Interoperable


Fast delivery and validation of digital licenses.

Health Care

No-contact verification saves lives and paperwork

Emergency Services

Connect and verify all critical responders on the spot.

Workforce Development

All training and licensing initiatives in one platform.


Support readiness and training for our armed forces.