Bring transparency to credential achievement

Creating educational pathways within industries for people to fully capitalize on their skills to achieve better socioeconomic outcomes.

Moments of transformation

Distance learning has resulted in technology-driven challenges for students and schools, especially in higher-poverty areas.

COVID-19 has thrown education, from kindergarten to higher education, into disarray.

Special education programs struggle with success under COVID-19 driven distance learning initiatives.

COVID-19 has left many students unable to access supportive programs.

Schools are vulnerable to both accidental data breaches and security threats, leaving more students susceptible to financial and emotional harm.

Millions of displaced workers are in desperate need of education and retraining so they can find new employment.

How Merit helps

Real-time view

Access a secure, aggregated, real-time view of course completions, training, and earned credentials across local education agencies, higher education institutions, and training providers.

Tracking progress

Track the progress of learners as they move through career pathways (CTE, apprenticeships, work-based learning, national career clusters). Read more on Merit’s Apprenticeships solution.

Connect to opportunities

Power apps and websites that connect learners to education opportunities and jobs based on their verified skills and training credentials.

Shared credentials

Facilitate credential crosswalking between agencies.

Organize achievements

Learners can easily access, track, and organize all of their achievements to help them gain new professional opportunities.

Verified record-keeping

Provide a portable, verifiable, and trusted record of training, work-based learning activities, and course completions.

Enroll my organization

Sign your organization up to issue and manage verified credentials and connect people with opportunities

Connect with an expert

Learn how Merit's verified identity platform can help your organization issue portable verified credentials


Supporting career pathways


Bring transparency to credential achievement by tracking and validating credentials.


Improve the interoperability of legacy systems, breaking down information barriers.

Education inventory

Create a real-time credential and skills inventory of all competencies, courses, training, and work-based activities completed by learners.

Career pathways

Accelerate meaningful career pathways with targeted opportunities for advancement like jobs, events, and trainings.


Back-end reporting that follows learners as they progress toward career pathways and insight into where skilled workforce is located.


Organize achievements and share on demand, empowering individuals in their education and career paths.

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Transform apprenticeship programs to create more opportunity

Workforce Development

Get workers back on the job faster with verified identity

Emergency Services

Mobilize teams for seamless disaster preparedness


Verified identity opens the door to expedited, portable licenses

Health Care

Verified identity enables public health compliance at scale

Defense Readiness

Seamless verified identity support for armed forces


Verified identity transforms apprenticeship programs

Merit’s verified identity ecosystem modernizes apprenticeship programs, opening the pathway for more workers gain to in-demand skills.